A Thorn between Two Roses

Underground Restaurant with Winsome & Sheila

Underground Restaurant with Winsome & Sheila

Today (Tuesday, October 6, 2015), I spent the day at the Hmawbi Bible School in its tropical, and today, rainy backdrop. Between yesterday and today, I spent about eight hours instructing Christians and non-Christians about the organization of the Lord’s church. Even one of the Burmese instructors said his understanding of the subject was improved by our investment in this study. We addressed male leadership in the church, the qualifications of elders, the selection and appointment of elders, how a congregation without elders yet can function properly and how female Christians can influence the decisions made by either the adult, faithful male members or an eldership.

Supper tonight amounted to a thorn between two roses. As a token of my appreciation and on behalf of my supporters, it was my pleasure to treat my hostesses to a store-bought supper in a nice restaurant not far from my hotel. Sister Winsome and I each enjoyed backed spaghetti with beef meatballs, while sister Sheila had a deluxe noodle and seafood assortment. After cleaning our plates, we split a dessert plate of ice cream, cake and Jell-O three ways. It was a lovely way for me not to spend my evening alone in my hotel room, and this mother-daughter duo cater to and feed the string of American visitors that pass through Yangon and disperse throughout Myanmar during the year for our Lord.

Once back in my room, I found the Internet working again, and so I uploaded the final pages of the October issue of Gospel Gazette Online (Website: www.gospelgazette.com) to the Internet. Then, I proceeded to inform the nearly 1,700 subscribers that the newest edition was ready for their use.

Each day is full with purposeful activity, and that is just fine with me. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

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