I Laughed Today

Mobile OfficeSunday morning October 4, I worshipped with the 8-Mile Church of Christ that meets in the home of Winsome and her mother Sheila. In the afternoon, I worshipped with the church that meets in Esther’s home. On both occasions, I preached “Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification and Sanctification.”

We were late arriving at the second assembly and a Burmese preacher was preaching already. Interestingly, he was preaching one of my sermons! I wrote it in English, and he was reading it in English while preaching it in Burmese. Later, he said that I was his teacher from afar and that though we had never met, he was glad to finally meet me. He has on his computer a large share of the sermons, articles and books that I have prepared over the past 40 years. I am grateful if anything that I have attempted to do in Christian service proves useful and edifying to others as well.

Monday, it was my privilege to teach morning and evening at the Hmawbi Bible School in a jungle setting about an hour from Yangon where I am lodging; last night, the mosquitoes got the upper hand, waking me twice from my sleep with their painful bites.

About 30 are in attendance this 5-week session at the school, counting students and staff. During our lunch break, I was conversing and enjoying company with dear brethren Simon and Philip, and before I knew it, I was momentarily dislodged from my sullen grief and pain into an audible, noisy laugh. I surprised myself, because I had doubted if I would ever find satisfactory amusement to divert my attention from my loss. I hardly know what to think, and silly as it is, I almost feel a little guilty about it, as if in some way I am being disrespectful to the memory of my Bonnie.

Lessons today and tomorrow are about male leadership in the church and especially about elders. In addition, we have and will address how to function in a congregation without elders. Discussed today and planning more for tomorrow, we have noted and will note yet some more that Scripture does not permit women a leadership role in the Lord’s church. Additional lessons this week and next week will speak to making preaching more effective and acquaint pupils some with fundamentals of English and Greek.

Back at the hotel between power outages, I am in the final stages of publishing the October edition of Gospel Gazette Online to the Internet. My mobile office – stateside or abroad – travels with me and only requires a little space, occasionally some electric and once in a while a minimally satisfactory Internet connection. Notice in the photo my “desk and chair.” The table is a little low, and the chair is a little hard, until I line it with bed pillows. Actually, the pillows and the bed are somewhat hard, too.

Some of you will be pleased that I laughed today, noting how forlorn I have been these short number of months since Bonnie passed away. Not all of my mourning has subsided, but immersing myself in the Lord’s work on foreign soil and renewing friendships among the loved ones here in the faith helps. Others of you will be happy to note that I am attempting to apply myself, whereby God may be glorified and precious souls may be edified. To God be the glory.

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