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Tribute to Bonnie RushmoreYesterday (Friday, September 9), I finished and published to the Internet the September issue of Gospel Gazette Online. Also yesterday, I completed the first 2016 edition of the quarterly print journal The Voice of Truth International (volume 87). As soon as sister Betty Choate completes the cover, I will send it and the other files pertaining to it to the printing company. Last week, I sent the completed files for volume 86 to a printing company in Hong Kong. We can print color on the inside of the magazine as cheaply as printing black and white stateside by having the journal printed abroad and shipped back to us. Crazy, I know, but it’s true! The back cover of volume 86 is a tribute to my dear, departed wife and friend, laborer for our Lord, Bonnie Rushmore.

In addition, I made available on the Internet The Voice of Truth International, vol. 86 for free reading or download – months before it will be ready in its printed version. Simply go to my website for Gospel Gazette Online at Once there, select the digital library link in the masthead. You will find all of the past issues of The Voice of Truth International in PDF format, as well as about three dozen PDF books – all without charge.

Today, Rebecca, who is visiting me over the Labor Day Weekend, and I cleaned the pine tree debris off the roof, out of the gutters and from the ground where it fell. That was a long, tiresome job. Errr! Pine trees! Before that, I sprayed black rubber from a can at the outdoor base of my woodshop in the ongoing attempt to dissuade water from going under my shed walls and destroying them. That job has been on my “to do” list for maybe a year! That’s how long I’ve had the can of rubber at the ready, only lacking a ready body to apply it – me.

Now that we are all cleaned up and satisfied with ourselves, we are settling down for the balance of the day under the blessings of AC. Rebecca has brought school work with her, as well as her still incomplete PowerPoint for one of her upcoming ladies’ days at which she will be speaking. Before she returns home on Monday, we need to repot some of her plants for which I have been caring this summer and make some preparation for moving my houseplants inside before my departure for overseas in a couple of weeks from now. She may help me load the van with literature bound for Guyana, South America before I turn her loose sometime Monday. I need to haul a load next week to Nashville to place with a shipper for a Saturday, September 12 shipment. It will take about a month to arrive, after which brother Nigel Milo’s congregational sisters will prepare it for distribution to every Church of Christ in their country.

I continue to receive straggling condolences from members of the church from around the world and non-members, too, as they become aware of Bonnie’s passing. So far, around $12,000 in memorial funds have been given for the purchase of Bibles and literature to be distributed in foreign fields where she labored for the Lord. Other donations have been made to various hospitals, mission works and a university in her honor. I never imagined that we, mostly Bonnie I’m sure, have impacted or even have been noticed by so many people around the globe.

My sadness is put aside as long as I fully immerse myself in work for the Lord mostly. Those idle moments (e.g., waking in the early morn alone without her at my side, long lonely road trips to stateside appointments, songs on the radio about love, hymns about heaven or death, etc.) that trigger my despair and wet eyes. I realize that though the pain may never leave, with the passing of time, the unbearable pain will become more bearable. In the meantime, I intend to be the best servant of Jesus Christ that I possibly can be, though I am anxious for the return of the Lord or my passage beyond the threshold between the here and the hereafter.

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