Turkeys & Snakes

Saturday and Sunday I traveled a round trip of about seven hours, which included motoring along the National Parkway known as the Natchez Trace. The parts of the Trace along my route encompassed parts of Mississippi and Alabama. Most of the journey I found the right of ways well-manicured, which incidentally may explain why deer in Mississippi appear to be smarter than deer with which I have collided in Ohio and Pennsylvania—in which states typically the tall weeds along their highways are not trimmed back.

The greenery was pleasant and much of the time pretty blue skies were accented with marshmallow-like white clouds. In addition, twice each I spied flocks of wild turkeys adjacent to the roadway as well as snakes on the blacktop.

The occasion for my two-day jaunt was to speak for the Leighton, Alabama Church of Christ on Sunday morning. For class time, I made my PowerPoint presentation about “Update & Overview” of my participation with other brethren in World Evangelism. During worship, I preached my PowerPoint lesson on “The Church in Prophecy.” Following worship, I partook of the fellowship meal. After that, we all enjoyed singing hymns for about an hour or so, capped off with a brief devotional.

Saturday evening I lodged with sister Joan and brother Daniel Counts, as I do annually. Per usual, they also treated me to a steak dinner. Later, I worked on my lap in their living room as I plucked on the computer of my truly mobile office. I worked on the September edition of Gospel Gazette Online. The day before, I turned over to Betty Choate The Voice of Truth International files on which I had been working for several days—two issues beyond the current edition just now being shipped. It will come due while I am overseas, and so I had to do my part early. In a few days when I get the files back from sister Betty, I will finalize the edition for the printing company.

Some of the brethren from the Leighton congregation and the church itself participates financially with me on an occasional basis as I labor for our Lord stateside and abroad. Their encouragement is much appreciated, too. I look forward to seeing these fine brethren each year, and I think that they look forward to seeing me also. Bonnie and I have made friends of brethren we have had occasion to visit annually over the past several years associated with our mission work. I just know that there are friends to be made among Christian brethren that we haven’t met yet.

P.S. By the way, I fell in the bathtub Friday night and hurt myself. At first, I was afraid that I had  broken my ribs when the tub wall caught my fall, but evidently not as everything still works—just painfully so. What a predicament that would have been if having fallen I couldn’t get up—no phone handy and inside a locked house with no expectation of anyone checking up on me. Overall, then, all is well.

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  1. Stay safe and take care, brother.

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