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Peering at God through His creation was more appealing than gazing on the preacher at the Old Union church of Christ.

Peering at God through His creation was more appealing than gazing on the preacher at the Old Union church of Christ.

Day by day, I invest myself mostly in some aspect of the cause of Christ. It never ceases to amaze me how swiftly the hours of a day speed by and how little it seems that I accomplish despite the effort put forth. I guess, some things just take time!

In order to travel this fall to four Asian countries, which is my plan and on which itinerary I am working, I must have a minimum of four empty visa pages in my passport. I have four and half empty pages currently. Math has never been my strong suit. My daughter pointed out to me that upon my visit to the first country, I would no longer have four empty pages by the time I got to the next country. I would have fewer and fewer blank visa pages with each country I visited. Therefore, this week, I mailed off my passport, application fee and $82 to have the government add additional visa pages to my passport.

I am still waiting for confirmation regarding my planned trip to Singapore; I can get a better travel itinerary from the US to Asia if I visit Singapore first, and then, afterward, make my way to Myanmar. From Myanmar, then, I can travel to Sri Lanka (tentatively), and from there go to India. Trying to fly first to Myanmar involves a 19-hour layover in Tokyo, which I do not want. After plans for Singapore are cemented, I will attempt to nail down plans for Sri Lanka. I still have some loose ends in India, yet. As soon as possible, I need to apply for a visa to Myanmar and purchase airline tickets. Tentatively, my fall trip will go from September 22 through November 24.

There are troubles in some of the places to which I am planning on going this fall. Northeastern Myanmar is an often sore spot in a 60-year-long civil war that has been going on; Bonnie and I were there before during a lull in fighting and had a nice weeklong program. In addition to the same-old-same-old, the area has been hit by flooding, along with an adjacent state. Between those two states, 150,000 people have been displaced by the deluge and more than two dozen have lost their lives so far.

Furthermore, election violence in Colombo, Sir Lanka has involved a drive-by shooting of a political campaign office, which left one dead and nearly three dozen wounded. Yet alas, the USA has its dangers as well, as the headlines constantly remind us. We missionaries do our best with the help of nationals not to put ourselves unnecessarily in harm’s way.

Friday evening, I was the guest of the Mark and Sheila Shiers family; he preaches for the West President Ave. Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS. Other Christian brethren were present as well for a delicious, home cooked supper. What I prepare for myself does not even begin to compare to it. For entertainment and a devotional time, I drug my Bible maps out of the car, as well as my buckets of Bible time. It proved to be educational and entertaining for children and adults.

Sunday morning, I worshipped with the Old Union Church of Christ in the Carroll County woods for the first time in weeks. Next, I scurried over to the West President congregation to speak at their early (1 p.m.) service following their monthly fellowship meal; I made my PowerPoint presentation, “The Church of Prophecy.” I never tire of showing the correlation between Old Testament prophecies and the establishment of the New Testament church. It fortifies Christian faith and provides confidence respecting membership in the church about which we can read in the Bible. Sunday early evening, I returned for a service with brethren of the Old Union Church of Christ.

I must help publish two issues of The Voice of Truth International before I leave for Asia, and that is progressing well. August has begun, and I don’t have this month’s issue of Gospel Gazette Online ready just yet, but I am working on it. I found a little time during my “lupper” meal (between lunch and supper) Sunday afternoon to do some more proofreading of a manuscript that a preacher and a friend sent for my review.

Looking ahead this week, more of the same regarding The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online is in store for me. We have visitors coming one day, too. Wednesday, I am scheduled to be with the Clinton, MS Church of Christ; Sunday, Lord willing, I will be with two congregations of the Lord’s church in Piedmont, AL. The plate is full – just as I would have it. Your prayers are coveted and much appreciated.

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