One Day at a Time

Director & Speakers of the Mission Lectureship

Director & Speakers of the Mission Lectureship

Wednesday morning (July 15th) began very early. Brother Mark Posey, Gospel meeting speaker for the Old Union Church of Christ lodged with me for the duration. He opted to spend Tuesday night with me per my suggestion and depart on the morrow. Brother Mark decided to leave at 6 a.m.! So, we had breakfast of waffles and sausage at 5:30 a.m. Afterward, Rebecca and I returned to bed for a while as brother Posey headed back to Alabama.

Rebecca, too, left for her home before lunch. That night, she was to meet with team members from her congregation with whom she was going on a mission trip to Guyana, South America. Subsequently, Rebecca along with fellow Christians flew out on Saturday. They will be conducting two Vacation Bible Schools daily for a week, one with about 300 youngsters in a city setting and one with 30 or 40 in a the jungle.

That evening, it was my pleasure to visit with the Crockett Church of Christ west of Senatobia, MS. I acquainted brethren that night with an “Overview and Update” about the efforts of the World Evangelism team overseas.

Thursday and Friday I worked on a future edition of The Voice of Truth International. In addition, sundry other activities filled the days.

Saturday morning, I headed for Union, MS to participate in the 3rd Annual Southeast Mississippi Mission Lectures. It was hosted by the Church of Christ there, and I was pleased not only to participate but to share the day with stateside and foreign missionaries and other interested brethren. It was a good day.

Interesting Window Treatment at the Gary & Anna Free Home

Interesting Window Treatment at the Gary & Anna Free Home

Sunday morning I headed out from Winona, MS to Indianola, MS once more. I had spoken there weeks ago in the absence of the congregation’s preacher, and I was doing so again. For Bible class, I spoke about the age of the earth, deriving information from the Bible and true science, both of which counter the theory of evolution’s astronomical “age of the earth.” During worship, I preached about proper reverence for and awe of God in Christian worship. Sunday evening, I preached about the Ascension of Jesus Christ, a cardinal or foundational doctrine of Christianity and relative to the hope of God cherished by every child of God today.

For the afternoon, I was the guest of brother Gary and sister Anna Free.  Everything on the dinner table was exquisite, especially the beef roast. The meal was complimented with some of the best corn on the cob, green beans and rolls. Lastly, I enjoyed a slice of chocolate pie. Umm! After evening worship, several church members enjoyed one another’s company at Wendy’s restaurant.

Finally, I returned home a few counties away to Winona. A new week lies ahead, during which I must work feverishly on two future issues of The Voice of Truth International before I leave for my fall mission trip to Asia. As a matter of fact, I need to finish fleshing out my travels in October and November to Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. Tuesday, we are scheduled to have a visitor come to the World Evangelism Building. Wednesday, I have another appointment with the congregation of the Lord’s church outside of French Camp, MS. This coming Saturday I will be headed to an appointment with a church in Arkansas. Already, the lonely drives without by Bonnie at my side have proved difficult. I pray for courage and peace of mind in the service our Lord Jesus Christ. As always, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Bro. Sunny informed me yesterday (July 19) of meetings scheduled on October 30-31 & November 1 (Sunday). We look forward to having you with us during that time and be edified. Would love to hear about the reverence for and awe of God in Christian worship!

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