2015 Team Meeting

Team MeetingThursday and Friday, July 9-10, 2015 was the occasion of the annual meeting of the World Evangelism team in Winona, Mississippi. Every year in July, Christian brethren who work directly together or who are indirectly associated in stateside and foreign missions congregate in the little, middle-Mississippi town. As usual, additional, interested guests were also present. Collectively this year, we numbered approximately 25 men and women.

Team MeetingPrimarily, we encourage each other, and of course, we eat! Breakfast and lunch meals are enjoyed in the World Evangelism Building where we assemble for our get together. Nobody goes hungry, and there are desserts galore. For supper on Thursday evening, past tradition has us drive around 20 miles away to the Carmack Fish House, and we did so again this year. The specialty of the buffet is catfish, but some of the best tasting chicken also graced the food bar.

Back at the office/warehouse, individuals and couples updated the group respecting what they have been doing over the past year and what they plan, Lord willing, to do over the next several months. Among the areas of Christian labors represented were activities revolving around a Christian Student Center at a local college, efforts in India, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Guyana, African nations, Nepal, Viet Nam, Peru, Sri Lanka and China. Particularly interesting were the assessments made by various ones respecting the achievements and progress attributed to their personal involvement in their respective Christian works. In addition, staff of The Voice of Truth International, who live in Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee were enabled to ring around a table and discuss upcoming issues of the quarterly magazine.

(Friday night, my daughter Rebecca and I managed to publish to the Internet the July issue of Gospel Gazette Online. We have approximately 1,650 subscribers with a total of nearly 3,000 souls “following” our undertakings.)

The event triggered spontaneous tears on my part more than once, though. Just two months ago and very shortly before my Bonnie died, she left hospitalization prematurely for the express purpose of spending time with these brethren and others at the Annual May Maywood Missionary Retreat outside of Hamilton, AL. She was very feeble, but she pushed herself to reunite with likeminded workers for the Lord with whom we have interacted for many years. Now, so soon after that, assembled with the same people without her was extremely hard on me. One couple in attendance was marking their 52nd anniversary, and Bonnie and my anniversary is less than a week away also. Every day is difficult, but these two days were a blessing and very tough for me as well.

We press on. Each soul present those two days presses on. The only real retirement that any of us know and for which we long is retirement from life at the end of a lifetime of labor for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We dread the possibility that incapacity may rob us of that joy before we expire.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. May God bless all of you as you continue to faithfully serve Him.

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