Aimed Homeward

Tesla PumpsSunday, July 5 found Rebecca and me worshipping all day with the Liberty Church of Christ in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. During morning Bible class, I made my PowerPoint presentation, “Overview & Update” about World Evangelism, which is a missions program of the churches of Christ. For a.m. worship, I made the PowerPoint presentation, “The Church in Prophecy”; the visual aspect helped me cover many more verses of Scripture in a brief time than would be comprehensible were they presented just orally. Sunday evening, I preached about “Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification and Sanctification.”

As always, the Liberty congregation treated us royally. These Christians always encourage me greatly – as do many Christians across the country that I visit from time to time.

Before returning to the hotel, I gave Rebecca the once over pass through DeFuniak Springs. This little jaunt included driving the circle encompassing the small lake around which the town was built many years ago. Earlier, Rebecca had read the caption of an aerial photograph of the lake on a wall in the hotel lobby. The lake in DeFuniak Springs and one other similar lake in Switzerland are said to be the only two perfectly round lakes in the world.

Curiously, driving through the “Historic District” of DeFuniak Springs, we spied some odd contraptions poised in front of a sign boasting local “history.” Not exactly sure how they work, if there is a fee involved for their use or if there are any gadgetry, electric cars around town to take advantage of them, we marveled at essentially an electric fueling station.

Monday, we drove the entire distance home. At my age or whatever excuse I think works at the time, our trip was a little longer than I want to drive any more in a single day. However, the distance wasn’t far enough to justify breaking the trip into two days. My daughter Rebecca and I pulled into the driveway at my Winona home about 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Tuesday was catch-up day at the office; actually every day is catch-up day as we always have more items to attend than there are hours in the day. I simply triage each day and do first whatever demands immediate attention. Wednesday, Rebecca and I mowed the yard, string trimmed the edges of everything, watered the flowers, fertilized the yard, cleaned two cars, proofed and otherwise prepared Betty Choate’s newsletter for sending to a printing company and did some cleaning at the house and at the office in preparation for the annual team meeting, which will begin Thursday. Wednesday, we attended devotional and Bible class with the West President Church of Christ. One night this week, a couple – some good friends and fellow laborers for Jesus – will sleep over. Saturday, I will begin lodging the Gospel meeting speaker for the upcoming event with the Old Union Church of Christ.

I’ll need to sleep fast and get up early. There is some dust at the house challenging me to deal with it, and the carpets really need vacuumed. Of course, there are a few things that need to be straightened up or put away before guests arrive. As time runs out, at some point, folks will simply have to realize that I live here – it is, after all, a house in use rather than a model home.

I like being busy, busy, busy. Among other things, being busy helps distract me from reflecting upon how much I miss my dear wife. I buried any earthly dreams I had when I laid Bonnie to rest, and all that remains for me is to apply myself and see how useful I might possibly be in the service of Christ – until I also join Bonnie, my lifeless body beside hers in an out of the way idyllic, country cemetery and our souls at the throne of God in heaven. Please remember me fondly from time to time in your prayers.

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  1. May God bless you most abundantly as you continue faithfully in His service.

  2. Brother, you are always and lovingly in our prayers

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