Common Denominator

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine7Once when the children were young and on one of the occasions the family went tent camping, we pitched our little tabernacle in what turned out to be the downhill wet-weather wash for rainwater. A tornado came through the area of northern Michigan one night and sent a little gully washer our way, not particularly dangerous as it turned out, but certainly making our encampment a little soggy. It seemed that anywhere the Rushmores camped in a tent that we were the immediate solution for dry weather and an instant help to folk’s low water table. Camped in Michigan; it rained on us. Camped in Pennsylvania; our sleeping bags sopped up a monsoon. Camped in New York; a thunderous storm rolled in over us off of the Great Lakes.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine5A couple of years ago, Bonnie and I spent a week in southern Colorado, and of course, it rained and rained some more. Now in 2015, my daughter Rebecca and I visited Florida for a week of daily squalls. I have finally realized that I am the common denominator. My late wife and our dear children are off the hook; I must be the one responsible for the inclement weather that seems to follow me. I’ve been accused of that before, but I never imagined that it were so.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine3Today, July 2, Rebecca and I along with the granddaughter of our dear friends Bob and Martha Noland made our way to St. Augustine, Florida. Naturally, it rained – complete with thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, we were able to tour the ancient stone fort on the coastline, though we could not walk the ramparts atop the structure because of the danger posed by possible lightning. We further walked part of Old Towne.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine6Famished upon our arrival, we made an all-important visit to a local eatery. We dined well at Burger Bucket, and each of our meals was actually served in a low-slung galvanized bucket. The service was good and the food was even better. To cap off our day’s activities before exiting St. Augustine, we three found the local Dairy Queen and indulged ourselves.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine4Rebecca got a little rowdy, if pictures are evidence of anything, and was temporarily detained – behind bars! The most handsome sergeant of arms dutifully manned his canon to guard his charge from escaping until the bail money was scraped together.

300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine2Yes, we smelled the roses a little today between firing up the mobile office before our mini adventure and upon our return to Ocala, FL. I’m happy to report that brother Bob Noland fares a little better today as he remains in Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL – with sister Martha Noland his loyal wife at his side. Thank you for your interest in my travels and efforts to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine8 300 dpi 4x6 St Augustine1

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