Another Full Day

Human ChainThis morning (Wednesday, June 24, 2015) after scarfing down a quick bowl of Fruit Loops cereal and downing some OJ, I started some yard work early in an attempt to beat the abusive heat of late. In the midst of that undertaking, my coworker Jerry Bates arrived with a trailer in tow to retrieve the contents of Bonnie’s sewing room. Jerry, my daughter Rebecca and I commenced loading the small trailer with two sewing machines, one serger, attachments, sewing material, threads, sewing books, notions, patterns, manikin and notions. Brother Jerry Bates volunteered to take all of that to the Action, TN Church of Christ as he and Paula are out this weekend for a preaching appointment not far from Acton. That congregation has a sewing ministry for stateside and overseas outreach and benevolence. I can’t think of a better disposition for Bonnie’s sewing enterprise in view of her passing away.

Almost but not quite finished with the yard work for the day, a visitor came by the World Evangelism Building. Rebecca and I, dirty and sweaty, moseyed down to the warehouse/office to visit for a while with brother Paul Franks who had come by. He and his father and mother publish the Magnolia Messenger.

About an hour later, a freightliner pulled into the World Evangelism parking lot. Aboard were six pallets containing 15,000 copies of volume 85 of The Voice of Truth International. It was printed in Hong Kong with color throughout for the same price of printing black and white inside here in the States. This edition will not be going out very soon since we just shipped volume 84. However, coming from across the globe, it is necessary to allow for transit via oceangoing ship.

Fortunately, youth from three congregations have been laboring in the city with the Winona Church of Christ. While teenage boys were otherwise deployed, several teen girls came to our rescue and loaded the hundreds of boxes into the warehouse; they are from the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. These young ladies came to do the heavy lifting and by making a human chain, they made short work of the undertaking, despite a blazing hot Mississippi summer day.

That evening, Rebecca and I visited the Elliott, MS Church of Christ. About a year behind or 60 appointments overdue owing to Bonnie’s illness and death, I made my “Overview & Update” PowerPoint presentation. We were well received and encouraged.

Tomorrow promises to be no less full, and Friday we leave for two Sundays of speaking engagements in Florida. Help me fill my calendar and let me know when your congregation prefers an appointment. I am also trying to lineup dates for my travels to Asian countries this fall, as well as 2016, too.

Asked what plans I have for the future, I reply that Lord willing, as long as I have my health and as long as I live, I plan to keep on keeping on in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ with stateside and foreign missions. Your prayers, encouragement and participation are always greatly appreciated.

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