Won’t Hold Water!

brass vaseSaturday, June 13, my daughter Rebecca and I mowed the grass at my Winona home. The old string trimmer finally got the best of me, despite spending good money to have it overhauled. Someone took advantage of my gift set at the curb and gave it a new home. Instead, I bought a new machine that I could actually start!

I think bugs, creatures and machines hate me. I’m a magnet, so it would seem, for bugs, snakes and poisonous plants – and machines refuse to work for such as me. The walk behind mower wouldn’t allow me to finish off the yard.

Rebecca and I rescued a fallen, blooming flower stem, taking it into the house to enjoy. Imagine our astonishment, amusement and befuddlement when we put water into the brass vase that was given to us by foreign brethren. Multiple spouts of water sprung forth from its sides through the etchings by which elegant designs were carved in the vase. Apparently, some of the carving was just a little too deep – all the way through!

Sunday, it was our pleasure to worship with the Indianola, MS Church of Christ as I filled in for its preacher who was away. We are always wonderfully received by the brethren of that small band of Christians. During Bible class, I made the PowerPoint presentation, Update & Overview of my mission work and that of my coworkers. During the worship periods, I presented a PowerPoint in the morning about The Church in Prophecy and a lesson that night entitled, Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification & Sanctification.

Rebecca and I enjoyed the hospitality for the afternoon with Madolyn and Gene Gibson in their Moorehood, MS home and university student center. A young couple from the congregation likewise participated with us as guests also of the Gibsons. After evening worship, several members and we fellowshipped over fast food at Wendy’s. It was a good day.

The last days of Bonnie’s life, I only fulfilled preaching appointments that were initiated by the congregations requesting my presence. Bonnie determined, though, to accompany me on each of those little outings, and she even taught a ladies’ class on one of those occasions (her last class). My day at Indianola was one of those requests from a congregation, but henceforth, I am actively scheduling appointments stateside and overseas through the summer of 2016. I’m back, having gotten behind on 60 appointments in the USA alone. Typically, I will travel up to 3,000 miles monthly by car.

Monday and Tuesday, I continued to play catchup on a number of things at the house and in the office. Rebecca continues to be a blessing and a helper in this difficult time. Monday, I paid Bonnie’s funeral expenses and prepaid my funeral expenses as well. I purchased a double headstone for our grave, too. Most of Tuesday was spent revamping the digital templates for the production of The Voice of Truth International. Bonnie may be resting from her labors, but the rest of us trudge onward – until it is our time to enter eternal rest.

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