A Lot Has Happened Since…

Bonnie & Louis in the mountains of Myanmar (2011)

Bonnie & Louis in the mountains of Myanmar (2011)

A lot has happened since my dear wife passed away Monday, May 18, 2015. Between the overwhelming moments of sorrow that punctuate my days, work for the Lord is ongoing. I participate in the shipping and receiving of Christian literature from our base in Winona, MS. Numerous details regarding accounts of the deceased must be attended to. Workload must be shifted, and a great catchup effort continues. The Rushmore Newsletter has been worked up and is at the printing company now, but the electronic version is online now (per the following paragraphs). The June issue of Gospel Gazette Online is nearly complete and will be published tomorrow. Monday, I will jump in with both feet, so to speak, on preparation of volume 86 of The Voice of Truth International. Volume 84 is or will be going out in the mail any day now; volume 85 will arrive via freightliner in a few days from Hong Kong. Plans are underway already for my fall mission trip to Myanmar and India with maybe programs in Sri Lanka and Singapore, too. In addition, preliminary plans are being formed for an extensive mission program in Guyana, South America in 2016. Next Sunday, I resume stateside travel to churches of Christ weekly to acquaint them with my mission work or to present biblical lessons.

The Early Edition/Digital Version of the Rushmore Newsletter is ready for your immediate review – or at your convenience. The printed version in people’s mailboxes will not be available until about a week from now or so. Go to the current Rushmore Newsletter by any one of these following means:

  1. Select “Rushmore Newsletter” in the masthead of Gospel Gazette Online at Website: www.gospelgazette.com and select the 2015 June hyperlink.
  2. Go directly to the latest Rushmore Newsletter by clicking on http://www.gospelgazette.com/Newsletter/2015/06_2015_newsletter.pdf, allowing sufficient time for the file to load.
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