Another Week Whizzed By

Louis & Bonnie at Gospel meeting in Paramakatoi, Guyana 2014

Louis & Bonnie at Paramakatoi, Guyana in 2014

Sunday, March 8, after worship with the Old Union Church of Christ, a sister in Christ, a registered nurse, gave Bonnie her second injection of a medicine to boost her blood counts. This is necessary following each chemo treatment on Friday to enable Bonnie to have the next chemotherapy session. Bonnie is having chemo treatments every other week.

Our daughter Rebecca came down Friday for the week she was off for spring break from teaching school. She accompanied us to worship, kept us company and helped us at the house and the warehouse/office.

Tuesday, the three of us headed back to Jackson, MS for Bonnie to undergo another paracentesis. On this occasion, 3 liters of fluid were drained from Bonnie’s abdomen. Unfortunately, this did not make her feel significantly better, and most of the week has been rough for Bonnie.

Wednesday, the highlight of the day was waiting for a tractor-trailer to arrive so we could load a pallet of books on it. Eventually, those books will make their way to various locations in India. Finally, the truck arrived about 5:50 p.m. Rebecca and I loaded between 500 and 600 pounds of books onto a wooden pallet and wrapped it with plastic. The inclement weather throughout the day, the question of whether a truck was actually going to show up and whether the freightliner would have a lift gate precluded preparation of the shipment before the truck came. (We do not have a loading dock, and the entrance of the World Evangelism Building cannot easily permit movement of a pallet prepared ahead of time inside to the outside.)

Thursday morning, two sisters in Christ from the Old Union Church of Christ visited Bonnie to bring her cheer. That evening, a Christian couple from the West President Church of Christ came by with supper and ate with us.

Friday, Rebecca, Betty Choate, and Bonnie and I processed for mailing Paula and Jerry Bates’ newsletter. The Bates left a few days ago for about six weeks of mission trips in various Asian countries. The outgoing shipment that was loaded on a truck on Wednesday was arranged by Jerry, too, but he had to leave before a truck could come to Winona. I took the mailing to the local post office, along with boxes of The Voice of Truth International; sister Choate has been taking most of the recently mailed boxes of VOTI to the post office.

As she could, Bonnie worked on the next issue of The Voice of Truth International from time to time. She also prepared labels for mailing Betty Choate’s newsletter next week; our newsletter will also arrive next week and be mailed back out to nearly 1,000 Christians and churches of Christ. I have been working on layout for a book of sermons for use stateside and abroad. Some of our preaching brethren overseas have not had much training or experience; therefore, full sermon outlines that thoroughly treat a host of biblical subjects will be helpful for them. This effort is the outgrowth of over 40 years of preaching and has been requested. The volumes will be translated into other languages as needed to make them effective in foreign countries.

One of the nice things about having more to do than one can easily accomplish is that should one thing become tiresome, we can simply give it a rest and apply ourselves to something else that needs to be done. There is never a reason to be bored regarding either necessary domestic duties or serving our Lord Jesus Christ. We covet your prayers.

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