Last Couple of Weeks

Sample of Get Well Cards

Sample of Get Well Cards

Bonnie and I continued to press forward over the preceding a couple of weeks. Admittedly, I have spent a lot of time caring for Bonnie in her illness and seeing to domestic duties. Sometimes this includes spending all day going to, at and returning from medical appointments an hour and a half from our domicile; last week, we made this trip twice. Still, we devote ourselves in whatever ways possible to serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have been working on the February edition of Gospel Gazette Online, which was published today. We are in our 17th year of publication on the Internet. This month, we are highlighting the biblical studies of brother George Jensen; in March, we will return to populating GGO with the articles of numerous brothers and sisters in Christ.

Although neither Bonnie nor I were able to be a part of the Annual Nationwide Guyanese Seminars as Bonnie receives medical treatment, the program, nevertheless, continued and is even now ongoing. Brother Nigel Milo is one of the most accomplished Guyanese evangelists – academically and biblically. Whereas he always arranges and directs every aspect of our yearly program throughout his country, this year he has taken a more energetic role as the primary speaker, too. In all, 15 seminars across all 10 regions are scheduled, and some of those seminars and Gospel meetings have already concluded with attendances ranging from 14 to 140.

Amusingly (now that the hiccups are past), one of the banks through which we wired thousands of dollars for the seminars held up the funds until they were satisfied that we were neither funding terrorism nor drug trafficking. Likewise, the shipping company through which we sent three 75-gallon drums of Christian literature (including 1,820 copies of The Voice of Truth International) paused our shipment until they could ascertain the same information about which the bank inquired. Thousands of tracts and hundreds of books for use by brethren and non-Christians in Guyana are in that shipment.

A deacon of missions and his eldership determined to commit $1,200 for the purchase of NKJV Bibles for distribution in Guyana, South America. Over the next few days, we will be acquiring those Bibles for later shipment to Nigel Milo; he will distribute Bibles to members of the church, and other Bibles will be made available to Gospel preachers who could use them for their studies as well as from which to teach and preach.

Especially Betty Choate, Bonnie and I have worked diligently in recent weeks to make Volume 83 of The Voice of Truth International ready for the printing company. A few weeks from now, a freightliner will pull up, and we will unload our share of the shipment into our warehouse – to be prepared and shipped out days later across America and overseas.

Amid the sick days (Bonnie’s pancreatic cancer, my gallbladder surgery), we purposed to devote ourselves to the several areas in which we can make a difference for the edification of Christians and non-Christians, too. I’m in my own element when I can teach and preach God’s Word, and this past Sunday because of the illness of brother Mike Schmitz, I was delighted to teach (The Ascension of Jesus Christ) and preach (a PowerPoint presentation, The Church in Prophecy) for the Old Union Church of Christ in Carroll County, MS. My calendar is completely cleared to take care of Bonnie, so I was available, and she got to hear two lessons that she had never heard me present before; these days, I usually change pulpits as I travel instead of change lessons.

Thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes. Your moral and financial support make it possible for us to serve Jesus Christ stateside and abroad on your behalf.

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