Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser

Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser

Monday, December 1, Bonnie and I drove to Jackson, MS once more for a week of radiation treatment. As in the previous weeks, we stayed at Hope House of Hospitality so we do not have to drive back and forth from Winona, MS daily. Bonnie has begun in earnest counting down the last days of the anticipated 28 days total of oncology radiation. The estimated size of the cancerous tumor on what’s left of her pancreas from previous surgery is about the size of a golf ball; radiation therapy is targeting an area the size of a softball.

Monday after treatment and our subsequent arrival at Hope House, Bonnie and I set up the water dispenser that I had ordered the week before on behalf of the Siwell Road Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. It is a bottom-loading unit so that neither the female staff nor patients need to hoist a jug of water atop the machine. This model has water at room temperature, cold water and hot water.

Oncology Radiation Christmas Tree

Oncology Radiation Christmas Tree

Tuesday was radiation per usual. For the evening meal, we met up with Melanie and Adam Fowler again, and this time they treated us at Piccadilly for a scrumptious meal. We took a good portion of Bonnie’s meal back to the room to share for another meal the next day, since she can eat very little food at a time.

Wednesday morning began well enough, as Bonnie typically feels the best she will feel all day upon waking in the morning. However, she soon became ill. Bonnie recovered marginally, and we attended evening Bible class with the Siwell Rd. congregation. The balance of the evening afterward was difficult for Bonnie.

Thursday following radiation, we returned to the room at Hope House. Bonnie worked for a while on an article for a future issue of Gospel Gazette Online, while I proofed, edited and formatted articles for the December issue of Gospel Gazette Online. Due to pain, Bonnie resorted to the bed once more, which is common practice, to rest. That afternoon, we donned dress clothes and headed for the Siwell building to have photographs made for the next pictorial church directory. Leaving there, we had a breakfast meal of pecan pancakes and bacon for supper at Cracker Barrel. Bonnie was experiencing pains that only increased and drove her to bed again upon our return to Hope House.

Friday in preparation for radiation and our return, we packed up the dirty clothes and suitcases, and we loaded the car. Bonnie scheduled the appointment a little earlier Friday so we could head back to Winona sooner. In Winona, we went to the World Evangelism Building office/warehouse after we unloaded the car at home. We prepared bank deposits, processed “Thank You” cards for support that came to the Rushmore Evangelism Fund the previous week and prepared a package for mailing. Subsequently, we made stops at two banks and the Post Office before retiring to the house once more. Bonnie’s pain and general discomfort continued to increase, contributing to not turning in for the night until nearly 2 a.m. Friday night was difficult for Bonnie.

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

Bonnie was very ill the first half of the day on Saturday. Plans to have Jerry and Paula Bates over for lunch – homemade or delivered pizza, depending upon how Bonnie felt – had to be cancelled altogether. Bonnie spent the afternoon in her pajamas in the recliner and felt better, only very tired; with her supervising, I spread some Christmas decorations around the living and dining rooms. Of course, Friday evening and Saturday are wash days for us of late so we can pack our suitcases again on Sunday or Monday morning before returning to Jackson, MS for treatment.

I left Bonnie for about three hours in the afternoon to help the Bates and Betty Choate load the Bates’ car and cargo trailer with literature that they will take to a Texas site for shipment to Tanzania. Afterward, sister Choate stopped by to visit with Bonnie. Still later, I continued to work on the next issue of Gospel Gazette Online.

Throughout the week, we worked on various office type duties on our respective laptop computers, blazing away in our home away from home these several weeks. Bonnie worked on financial matters and an article. I worked on Gospel Gazette Online and a PowerPoint presentation for Hope House. Besides setting up the water cooler, we also ordered a tabletop, buffet type food warmer for Hope House. Between the refrigerators, water cooler, original artwork, donation of bedding, food warmer that we have been able to see installed at Hope House (through the cooperation of various congregations) and the PowerPoint presentation I prepared, we and brethren who love us have exhibited appreciation to Hope House for its gracious hospitality in lodging Bonnie and me for about six weeks. That doesn’t begin to return compensation for what blessings we received, but it is a token anyway. We have been wonderfully blessed. Thank you.

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