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Hearth at Home Bible Study

Hearth at Home Bible Study

Monday, November 17, Bonnie and I went to the World Evangelism Building office early in the morning so we could pack and ship a package of books to fulfill an order that arrived via email over the weekend. Having already packed our clothes for the week and loaded the car, then, we headed to Jackson, MS for Bonnie’s 11:30 a.m. radiation appointment. Along the way, we stopped for some soup so Bonnie would not receive treatment on an empty stomach. Afterward, we checked in at Hope House of Hospitality where we are lodging weekdays for the duration of Bonnie’s radiation treatments. Radiation occurs daily Monday through Friday, and Bonne receives chemotherapy on Wednesdays.

Tuesday evening, we were once more guests of Adam and Melanie Fowler for supper. This time, they introduced us to a local eatery with which we were unfamiliar – Trace Grill on US 51 in Ridgeland, MS. The food was good and the company was pleasant as always.

Wednesday was a full day for Bonnie and me with radiation and chemotherapy treatments and Bible class that evening with the Siwell Road Church of Christ. It was questionable whether Bonnie could receive treatment because this week her white blood count was low, but she received treatment with the warning to stay away from sick people. We were both refreshed in spirit from interaction with caring friends and brethren at and after Bible class.

To address the ongoing digestive issues she has continued to experience since her Whipple surgery months ago, Bonnie received a new prescription from the oncologist. We took it to a local pharmacy so she could use it right away, but we were shocked to discover that a 30-day supply of this medicine sells for $1,500! Fortunately, our insurance paid about $1,200 of it; $250 of the remaining about was the annual deductible, since most of Bonnie’s medicines are generics, affordable and not covered by insurance, then. Next month with insurance, we anticipate an out-of-pocket expense for a month’s supply of this drug to be about $25. However, the $250 deductible for medicines (and $5,000 deductible for treatment per person) begins again January 1.

Thursday and Friday, of course, were radiation treatment days. Bonnie made brownies from scratch on Thursday, to the delight of all at Hope House who availed themselves of them. Friday, we moved radiation up a little so we could make the return trip back to Winona, MS a little earlier.

During the week, Bonnie experienced ups and downs respecting how she was feeling; some days are good, some fair and some days are bad days. Every day, Bonnie paces herself, eats little amounts throughout the day and night and takes naps. Otherwise, she and I engage ourselves in a number activities associated with our efforts for the Lord. Bonnie worked on three months of Rushmore Evangelism financials in preparation for our next newsletter, thank you cards and The Voice of Truth International. I worked on the December edition of Gospel Gazette Online and a book that I am writing about first principles for non-Christians and new Christians, presently titled, Walking with Christ. I also finished a new PowerPoint for Hope House of Hospitality on which I had been working from time to time over the past two weeks.

Friday afternoon, Bonnie and I arrived in Winona. We retrieved a week’s worth of mail and proceeded to the office/warehouse to package four copies of our new book, Noble Ladies. After mailing the books at the local post office to supporters who had requested them, we headed for Collierville, TN. Bonnie wanted to visit dear brethren and friends of the Collierville Church of Christ. We paused at our favorite steakhouse in Horn Lake, MS, meeting our daughter after school at the Texas Roadhouse for supper. Later in the evening, we attended a study group of Collierville church members in one of their homes.

This morning, we had a donut apiece from a little bakery conveniently located not far from Rebecca’s home. This is wash day, and we are taking advantage of Rebecca’s washeteria; it’s time to reload the suitcases for next week.

Sunday, we look forward to worshipping God with friends and brethren of the Collierville Church of Christ, before returning to Winona in preparation for returning Monday to treatments in Jackson, MS.

Bonnie and I continue to be grateful for the prayers and moral encouragement we receive from friends and brethren as we go through this medical ordeal. Particularly my recent study of the Book of Job has helped us meet the occasion of this current illness, without losing sight of the heavenly horizon.

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