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Louis & Bonnie (Myanmar 2009)

Louis & Bonnie (Myanmar 2009)

Today, (Monday, October 27, 2014), Robin Dunaway drove over from Alabama and visited all of us at the World Evangelism Building. He is the point man for the Into God’s World literature under development. Paula Bates, Betty Choate, Robin Dunaway, and Bonnie and I were eating at the local Mexican restaurant when Bonnie received a phone call from the oncology radiologist’s office.

Tomorrow, Bonnie meets with the oncology radiologist for final preparation for radiation treatments, and the 28 procedures begin on Wednesday. These will occur daily, Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Thursday of this week, Bonnie begins chemotherapy again, and this will transpire once weekly for months. Along the way, there will be numerous times during which Bonnie will undergo CT scans and blood work.

Instead of traveling a minimum of three hours roundtrip five days a week every week, Bonnie and I are going to lodge in the greater Jackson, Mississippi area four to five days weekly. Fortunately, kind brethren from two congregations have offered to loan us a bedroom; we’ll spread ourselves around over the next month and a half hopefully to not overwhelm anyone; we will try to leave a small footprint and not burden anyone. In addition, there is a possibility that a facility associated with Jackson medical facilities called Hope House may be able to provide lodging and meals for us; we are still waiting to hear back about that.

Bonnie and I will have our mobile office, two laptop computers, blazing away on many of the things that are our responsibility behind the scenes to do in our efforts for the cause of Christ. In the short term, we will be unable to fulfill stateside appointments to present biblical lessons and apprise brethren in person about our foreign mission work. In the longer term of things, we will resume stateside travel, and in the long term, we (or I if Bonnie cannot accompany me abroad) will continue our mission work abroad. Even in our absence overseas, we have made arrangements for the visit of foreign brethren with whom we work closely, get funds to them and have materials taken to them. Soon, we will be doing all of that again in person.

As long as breath remains in us, as long as we have physical stamina and as long as we can be of service to the Lord in harness with the Gospel of Christ, we will persevere heartily in world evangelism. Lord willing, I am planning on another 20 good years of Christian service at home and abroad. Please remember us in prayers.

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  1. prayers and hope all goes well tomorrow and the rest of the week. love to all.

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