Another of Life’s Little Detours

Bonnie at the OfficeIt is not as much what happens to one in life as much as it is what one does with what happens to him or her in life. Life is full of little detours over which one has little or no control, and for which course adjustments become necessary.

Sunday, September 21 saw Bonnie and me worshipping with the Old Union Church of Christ, as we typically do when we are not elsewhere across the country for speaking appointments. In addition to worshipping God, we said our goodbyes to brethren there, anticipating departing from Winona, Mississippi on Tuesday and leaving the USA for nine weeks beginning on Wednesday.

However, on Monday Bonnie had a routine appointment for her 4-month oncology checkup in Jackson, Mississippi. As it turned out, though, Bonnie failed her CT scan. I guess she should have studied harder for the test!

The CT scan revealed a sack of fluid insider her abdomen – doubtless contributing to the daily pain in, swelling and protrusion of her stomach. In addition, the test showed swelling on the duct for her pancreas and abnormal tissue on the underside of her scar from pancreatic cancer surgery. For weeks, Bonnie has had an on and off low-grade fever, but the antibiotic she had been taking made her sick and resulted in a severe allergic reaction. Her pains extend into her lower back, too.

Bonnie’s oncologist is very concerned about Bonnie’s current condition, and she proceeded to arrange immediate action. This, of course, stalled if not cancelled our mission trip to four Asian countries that was to begin on Wednesday. Instead, on Wednesday, Bonnie will undergo an outpatient procedure to draw off the fluid buildup, after which it will be cultured over a couple of days to discern if it indicates the resurgence of cancer. Then on Friday, we will return again to Jackson, Mississippi a third time this week for Bonnie to have a PET scan performed on her; this scan is more definitive and more costly, but it may also help determine whether Bonnie’s cancer has returned or if there is another explanation for Bonnie’s maladies.

Finally, Monday, September 29, Bonnie and I return to Jackson, Mississippi for an oncology appointment to meet with the doctor. At that time, we will receive the results of her blood tests, the culture on the extracted fluid and the PET scan. Obviously, some sort of treatment will be required, but the type of treatment will depend on what the tests discover. Only then will we be able to reassess our mission trip this fall to Asia. If possible, either we or I will attempt to resume a portion of the trek, but we know for sure that we cannot meet the appointment in Sri Lanka, and our effort in Myanmar is questionable under the most favorable medical results. Only time will tell if at least I will be able to meet the several appointments throughout India as well as our scheduled appointment in Singapore.

Life is full of detours along the pilgrim pathway. All we can do is try to keep it between the ditches of sin while fixing our view without fail on the heavenly horizon. All either Bonnie or I want out of what life we have left is to serve faithfully our Lord and Savior. We are grateful to our brethren who encourage and pray for us, as well as make it possible for us to serve stateside and abroad.

In the meantime and between upcoming medical appointments, Bonnie and I are back at the office. We are working on The Voice of Truth International (Volume 82), Gospel Gazette Online and other literature. We are packing and shipping requests for literature. Thursday, when the Bates and Betty Choate return to Winona from a missions program, I will help unload a tractor-trailer bringing us Volume 81 of The Voice of Truth International from the printing company. Otherwise, our days between doctor and hospital visits are punctuated with dozens of other routine things associated with our part in the cooperative brotherhood effort of World Evangelism.

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