My Daughter Preaches!

Rebecca RushmoreWhen our daughter Rebecca was about 3-years-old, she wanted to be a preacher. One day I found her standing on a miniature wooden chair, curlers in her hair under one of my hats, right hand outstretched, just preaching her little heart out. That’s when I told her that girls don’t preach, and she promptly and profusely cried.

Well, I was wrong. Girls can preach – to other girls or ladies. Decades later, Rebecca musters some of her schoolteacher skills and training, combines that with her Bible study and dedication to the Lord, and has taught ladies on three continents. My daughter preaches!

Today (Saturday, September 20, 2014), Rebecca was the featured speaker at a Ladies’ Inspiration Day hosted by the Huntsville Church of Christ outside of French Camp, Mississippi. She made three presentations, and according to my wife Bonnie and our coworker Paula Bates, Rebecca excelled. Apparently, all of the 64 ladies in attendance from 10 congregations were pleasantly edified. The program commenced with breakfast and concluded with lunch to feed physical bodies. In between, the sisters in Christ enjoyed a spiritual feast. Yes, my daughter preaches (cf. Acts 21:8-9).

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