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HeadstoneSeptember 15 – 16, Monday and Tuesday, Bonnie and I visited family in Pennsylvania. Monday, we drove from Hanoverton, Ohio where we had lodged for several days to Sharon, Pennsylvania. There, we visited Bonnie’s sister Dianna. A little later, we drove further in to the state to the outskirts of Greenville, Pennsylvania to visit with Bonnie’s brothers Jim and Larry, with their wives, who congregated at Larry’s home. After a little catching up, we all drove to the local Pizza Hut to continue our fraternizing over tasty fixings. Later, we drove to Mercer, Pennsylvania where we had the misfortune to select the Comfort Inn for the next two evenings’ lodging; Comfort Inns lately where we have stayed have been all over the place relative to any standard of hospitality, and this one turned out to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Tuesday morning, Bonnie and I first drove to the Rocky Glen Cemetery on a wooded hill overlooking Adamsville, Pennsylvania. It took a while, but we finally located the graves of Bonnie’s various family members, including her parents, a sister and a niece.

Next, we drove to Martin Rushmore’s home in Jamestown, Pennsylvania; Tuesday was largely dedicated to visiting my surviving family members whereas the day before we visited Bonnie’s surviving family members. After leaving Martin’s place, we drove toward Greenville, Pennsylvania once more and stopped at my brother Michael’s home. Late in the day, we drove to Hadley, Pennsylvania and visited my father Clifford. We usually see our families no more than once annually, and we opt to make the long drive before snow and ice make traveling more difficult. We make this trip each year right before going overseas on our mission trips to Asian countries. A week from tomorrow, Wednesday, September 24 we begin this year’s saga to four Asian countries: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Singapore.

Pymatunig DamBonnie and I paused between visits to Rushmore brothers in a park overlooking a small dam. There, we ate some Ritz Crackers and cheese we purchased in Amish country – Berlin, Ohio – last Saturday. Between visiting my brothers and visiting my dad, Bonnie and I snagged a sandwich apiece from Arby’s en route. Then, just before returning to our inhospitable hotel, we stopped briefly at Dairy Queen for two small vanilla-chocolate twist soft serve ice cream cones.

It was a good day overall. Cleaned up and ready for bed, we look forward to some rest and sleep before launching out toward West Virginia on Wednesday.

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