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Inside the Taj Mahal Compound

India in 2012

Saturday, September 6 I barely survived doing most of the yard work, but not all of it. Cleaning up the minor storm damage took me over four hours! Those dreadful pine trees litter the lawn (and the roof and driveway) with wheelbarrows of needles, cones and branches, which must be picked up before each mowing. However, recently, high winds really made a mess, and those cones populate the entire yard, accented with broken branches of every size from several feet long down the size of pieces comparable to a shattered plate – a lot of fine broken fine china. Finally, I was able to get it cleaned up enough to use the pull along rake behind the tractor lawnmower; then, I had to go over all the yard once more, cutting grass. Sorry, for the second time in a row when mowing, I did not cut the steepest part of the embankment or along the ditch. The summers are too hot, I’m starting to show some age and my blood pressure is starting to yoyo up and down – threatening to send me into an unconscious fall as it did a little over two weeks ago. Who would have thought one could hurt himself in so many places and break so many things just by falling from a standing position? Sorry, no gutters cleaned. Sorry, wasn’t able to beat the hedges back from touching the eaves to catchup to the weedy vine already headed for the roof peak. I was attempting to do whatever was essential before leaving for a week and a half road trip through Tennessee and Kentucky to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. My last outside duty before resorting to the air conditioned inside was to load the van with literature (e.g., The Voice of Truth International, tracts, books) for our pilgrimage north. After dark I turned my attention to other matters, namely finishing up and publishing to the Internet the September edition of Gospel Gazette Online.

Sunday morning, Bonnie and I headed west two counties removed to worship with the West President Church of Christ. Besides attending Bible class and the a.m. worship, I was the speaker for a midafternoon worship period, whereupon I preached “Understanding How God Communicates with Mankind, Today.”

Upon our return to the house in Winona, Bonnie and I leisurely packed our clothes for our northward trip. We opted to spend the night at our daughter’s home in Collierville, TN before continuing onward. Bonnie has been feeling poorly these last several days, and we will make the final decision Monday morning whether we drive north or turn around and return south to Winona. We, but especially Bonnie is exasperated from the ceaseless nausea and various abdominal and back pains. In any case, we will get an oil change for the van on our way in one direction or the other.

September 23, we are scheduled to leave Winona for Memphis, TN for a September 24 departure to Asia for nine weeks in four countries – besides the countries in which we land for stopovers to change planes. September 22, Bonnie has her next scheduled oncology appointment, blood work and CT scan. We try to squeeze all things into the calendar days, pressing ever forward as long as we can. Bonnie and I are scheduled to return to the USA around Thanksgiving, which holiday complicated getting our flights and almost stranded us. Please remember us in your prayers, Brethren.

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