A Week in Review

Old Union Church of Christ MeetinghouseSunday, August 31, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Old Union Church of Christ, whereupon I taught Bible class and preached in the absence of the preacher Mike Schmitz. During class, I taught about “Pain and Suffering.” For morning worship, I preached about “The Ministry of Angels,” and that afternoon, I spoke about “The Tabernacle: A Type of the Church.” Everyone present enjoyed finger foods between the worship periods.

Throughout the week, routine duties at the World Evangelism Building offices consumed our days. I worked diligently on the September issue of Gospel Gazette Online. I lack one page of two articles to complete and publish that edition. Hopefully, the authors will get those submissions yet this week.

Thursday, Bonnie had an appointment with our doctor to address a probable kidney infection that has been adding to the pain she experiences every day. A laboratory test will confirm the diagnosis in about three days, but the low-grade, on and off fever as well as the location of the back pain points toward kidney infection. She began a regimen of antibiotics later in the day.

Friday, Bonnie and I departed Winona, Mississippi just before 8:30 a.m. for downtown Memphis, Tennessee. There, we met with the purchaser of our 10-bin collator and transferred the unit from our van to his Tahoe. Our correspondence had been frequent over the last couple of weeks, and I told him that we might be obligated to add one another to our respective Christmas card lists. He publishes a multi-community weekly newspaper in Illinois and operates a printing business. I had brought some of our printed material for him, and he likewise brought me his printing product, too. We enjoyed some tea together at McDonald’s – only fair since we used that eatery’s parking lot as a transfer station. We really enjoyed our interaction with him, and noted that he could have been my brother in two senses and I would be happy about that.

Next, we headed in the direction of home, but paused for hours in Southaven, Mississippi. We gassed up the chariot, ate a light lunch and bought groceries – mostly for our soon and upcoming 9-week jaunt to four Asian countries. We lingered longer than necessary so we could meet our daughter for supper after she finished teaching school for the day.

We finally arrived back in Winona around 6:30 p.m. Bonnie faces daily chronic pain, and today was no exception. Eating is a tremendous challenge for her, and it was more so today. The little bit that Bonnie ate nauseated her. She rises and falls with the ailments.

Sunday evening, we will begin a week and a half road trip to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, plus parts in between. Earlier Sunday, I will be speaking for the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, Mississippi. Along the way on the typical assembly days, I will be speaking in Ohio and West Virginia. The days between will afford us opportunity to visit family and friends.

Shortly after returning to Winona, Mississippi, we will be flying to the opposite side of the planet to Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Singapore, with stopovers in China, Thailand and Japan. We know we will be ready to leave when we are on the plane (planes!). Bonnie and I will seize the moments (i.e., 30 hours) of our journey to finalize our lesson plans. There is a lot to do before we even approach the airport; I don’t know how we are going to attend to it all. Brethren, please remember us in your prayers.

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