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Anniversary in an Airport

Anniversary in an Airport

Sunday, July 13 was a little more relaxed for we three (Bonnie, Rebecca and me), and it was a good buffer between the vacation venues of the preceding days and Monday’s daylong travel toward our homes in Tennessee and Mississippi. Of course, the highlight of every first day of the week is the opportunity afforded God’s people of worshipping Him “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). This we did, as we had the prior Wednesday evening upon our arrival in South Dakota, with the Rapid City Church of Christ. Truly, we found these brethren on the Internet through the church’s webpage. Two other congregations vied for visitors through their websites as well, but each of the three sufficiently identified themselves whereby we are able to find those of “like precious faith” (2 Peter 1:1). We always opt for biblical balance over extremes either to the left or to the right.

We felt like we had always known the saints of the Rapid City Church of Christ. The worship was reverential, and there were neither surprises nor disappointments. One ought to fairly well know what to anticipate even when meeting with faithful Christians in an assembly not previously visited. I heartily recommend the Rapid City Church of Christ to Christians who may visit the area.

It was also my good pleasure to speak to the congregation Sunday evening; I always feel more comfortable on the speaking side of the lectern than seated on the other side – because I want to serve to the fullest at every opportunity as long as I live. Given a choice between a biblical lesson and a PowerPoint presentation about our mission work, the eldership opted for the latter. I showed pictures and narrated them respecting our month-long mission trip in February of this year.

We were very well received, and we certainly have made some new friends. Bonnie, Rebecca and I were lunch guests of the preacher and his wife (brother and sister Chuck Taylor). He is facing some serious health problems, which to the best of his ability in the near future as well as for the balance of his life he hardly allows it to detour him in the least from serving our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a writer, too, whose articles I hope to introduce shortly to The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online.

Monday has been a long, leisurely travel day from Rapid City Regional Airport to Minneapolis/St. Paul to Memphis, TN. This is also Bonnie and my anniversary (#41), and we are spending it together in airports and on airplanes; Rebecca is with us. We had a very delicious lunch meal at the Northern Lights Grill; Bonnie and I shared perhaps the best pot-roast plate we have ever had, and the portions were gigantic. Rebecca had a similar meal in sandwich form, piled HIGH! As I write this, we are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport at our Gate, which we will board in just a little while; because Delta cancelled one of our flights, we have an extended layover here of FIVE HOURS! We are vacationing at the airport, too! It’s all good. We should arrive at Rebecca’s home before 10 p.m., we think.

The protracted layover has afforded me some valuable time to work on the July issue of Gospel Gazette Online. Among other things, we certainly are not rushed-more.

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