Keystone, South Dakota

Uncle MountAfter a restful night of recharging at the Roosevelt Inn in Keystone, South Dakota, Bonnie, Rebecca and I ambled the sidewalks on either side of the touristy main drag beckoning for visitor’s dollars. Thus, we began for us Thursday, July 10, 2014 our vacation and Bonnie and my anniversary trip. (I’m not sure whether we brought Rebecca along as chaperone or caregiver for her aging parents! Really, she aside from my dear spouse of 41 years – on July 14 – is my best friend.)

I did manage to part with a few dollars before boarding our train to yesterday – running between Keystone and Hill City and back. We bought some commemorative magnets and some Mt. Rushmore hats; Rebecca bought some books.

I whispered some advice into Abe's ear.

I whispered some advice to Abe.

Between Rebecca and us, we snapped 219 photos, mostly along our train ride. However, we went to Mt. Rushmore in the evening to take some pics of the national monument with night lighting; in the morning, we will return to Mt. Rushmore for a more extensive tour and daylight pictures.

Guess what? Despite my surname “Rushmore” being plastered nearly everywhere from Rapid City to Keystone, being a Rushmore garners for me neither discounts nor a percentage of the action. Imagine that! (I kept telling people that I was here to visit family – my uncle – Mount, as in Mt. Rushmore. I’m positive that I’m just a chip off the ole block.)

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