Charleston, Mississippi

Louis & Bonnie aboard a Guyanese water taxi

Louis & Bonnie aboard a Guyanese water taxi

Sunday morning, July 6, 2014, my preaching appointment was with the Charleston, Mississippi Church of Christ. For worship, I preached “Understanding How God Communicates with Mankind, Today.” For Bible class earlier, I made my PowerPoint presentation “2014 Guyana Mission Trip.” The congregation is graying, and shrinking in size, in part due to old age and illnesses; including Bonnie, Rebecca and me, about 14 assembled for worship. This spiraling decline, unfortunately, is too commonplace for numerous little congregations around the country where job opportunities lag and travel routes have adjusted accordingly.

Nevertheless, Bonnie and I are always received royally, the saints with whom we commune annually in Charleston, MS participate in a significant way with us financially in our ongoing mission work. We thank God for them and ask God’s special blessings for them spiritually and physically.

Brother Raymond and sister Sarah Jones labor with the Charleston Church of Christ, though they live in Water Valley, MS. They and the three of us enjoyed a noon meal together at an eatery in Batesville, MS. Afterward the Jones and the Rushmores headed for their respective homes.

Bonnie rested upon our arrival back in Winona. Every day she experiences fatigue as well as pain. Later this month, she undergoes the knife once more, this time to repair an umbilical hernia. We hope that she can return to a life without daily pain and that she continues to recover. However, she does have a permanent exemption from warehouse and truck duty at World Evangelism, and some modification at home in her physical involvement is necessary. Still, it is hard to keep a good woman down. Rebecca and I help, and doubtlessly we nag her to ease up and let us help more. Just so she doesn’t begin to like too much not doing more, we’ll merely redistribute the workload and continue to press forward as a team for the cause of Christ.

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