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I am 5' 8.5" tall; Bonnie is 5' 2" tall, but we sometimes feel like giants abroad, here pictured with dear brethren among the  Amerindians at Paramakatoi, Guyana, South America.

I am 5′ 8.5″ tall; Bonnie is 5′ 2″ tall, but we sometimes feel like giants, here pictured with dear brethren among the Amerindians at Paramakatoi, Guyana, South America.

Sunday, May 18, Bonnie and I spent the day with the Elliott, MS Church of Christ. Maybe 25 minutes from where we live, this afforded us another Saturday night in our own bed – two weeks in a row now! In the absence of the preacher for the Elliott congregation, I spoke at the Bible class and both worship periods. During Bible class I made my PowerPoint presentation, “2014 Guyana Mission Trip.” For worship I preached “Understanding How God Communicates with Mankind, Today” and “Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?” We were so close to home that we were able to take an afternoon nap, too – something we haven’t done much on Sundays since I left local work.

Wednesday evening, I taught the next to the last class at Siwell Road Church of Christ in a 6-month series on the Book of Job. I devoted the class to discussing “Pain & Suffering,” since the patriarch after whom the Bible book was named suffered for most of 42 chapters.

Thursday, I worked from home since Bonnie was ill. She works full-throttle, which these days is a bit less than 100%, but she faces daily medical challenges in the aftermath of her recovery from pancreatic cancer. I mused that we could number the ailments for more concise, regular communication, and I am always polling her how she feels and asking how I might help. There is never anything that I am able to do other than be present with her and try to lighten her load some. #1 tiredness, #2 nausea, #3 abdominal pain, #4 all of the above. Thursday was a more difficult day than most.

Late Friday night, I finally published the May edition of Gospel Gazette Online. I had been working feverishly on it for days – in between other necessities. Most of this issue involves answering some of the backlog of questions received at Gospel Gazette Online. The majority of these inquiries pertained to “Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage,” and more questions over the years have pertained to this topic than any other single subject. Of course, this is a very controversial question since so much of the polluted world has invaded the daily lives of so many people, including church members. Subsequently, five or six people and churches immediately cancelled their subscriptions to GGO (Galatians 1:10-11).

Sunday, May 25, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Old Union Church of Christ back in the wildwood of Carroll County, MS that morning, since I had no appointment – another Saturday night in our own bed! That evening we worshipped with the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS.

Monday and Tuesday, I worked on my class for Wednesday evening. I will be speaking about “The Ministry of Angels” for the last lesson on the Book of Job. Well, one more book to put on the pile of unpublished manuscripts and out-of-print books! Two hours down, two hours back, we will arrive back in Winona after Bible class around 10:30 p.m. During the interim, we will do some out of town shopping in the big city of Jackson, MS, and we’ll have a nice meal out, too. Our daughter Rebecca is with us as she finished teaching school and doesn’t begin teaching summer school for a few days yet. Last night, she helped me replace the wax seal on a toilet – a lot more work than that simple description indicates.

We are beginning to get our heads above the proverbial high water. In the weeks ahead, we will be traveling to appointments in Alabama, Indiana and Georgia. We continue to work from afar with foreign brethren in New Delhi, India and Linden, Guyana. Plans are underway for a fall mission trip of about 60 days to at least Myanmar and India. Sooner than that, Bonnie has an important medical checkup and tests on June 4, which may alter some of those plans. Please remember us in prayer for the sake of the cause of Christ.

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