Annual May Maywood Missionary Retreat

Tuesday afternoon on April 29, Bonnie and I left Winona, MS, headed for Hamilton, AL. Other World Evangelism team members and we converged on the Maywood Christian Camp outside of Hamilton to clean the facilities Tuesday and Wednesday ahead of the Thursday and Friday program. We swept and mopped floors, wiped down tables, counters and refrigerators, cleaned toilets and emptied trash left behind by previous campers. We dodged bad weather and paid attention to tornado watches on our trip to Hamilton and throughout the day and evening following our arrival. Several of the eateries we might have considered for our joint supper meal were closed; that necessitated eight of us hurriedly stomping through standing water amidst a downpour to huddle around a table in a local pizza parlor for our vittles. Wednesday evening, we tidied ourselves up a little and attended the Gospel meeting being hosted by the nearby Hamilton Church of Christ; Jeff Jenkins was the speaker. The World Evangelism team was the guest of the congregation for a fellowship meal preceding the assembly.

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About 97 persons attended Thursday and Friday. The days consisted of eating, field reports, keynote speakers, eating, devotional services and more eating. Missionaries from around the world participated, recharged their proverbial batteries and encouraged each other.

The temperature was chilly with a brisk breeze helping to negate the sunshine. Saturday morning, the residue of campers and World Evangelism team members cleaned up the camp once more before departing around 9 a.m.

Bonnie and I journeyed about two hours to Collierville, TN. For supper, Rebecca and Bonnie and I were guests of the Christian friends from the Collierville Church of Christ. Rebecca and Bonnie made homemade pizzas for the occasion. Other attendees were primarily church members who are interested in making a mission trip this summer to Guyana, South America. I spoke to their concerns and questions respecting that upcoming trip. I made my PowerPoint presentation about our 2014 Guyana Trip on Sunday afternoon to the Collierville congregation.

Bonnie and I have been on the go for at least a couple of months now. We must find some relief soon. However, before that can occur, we must finalize the next issue of The Voice of Truth International before we send it to the printing company. I need to prepare and publish the April edition of Gospel Gazette Online, too. Yet, I must also prepare Monday and Tuesday to teach Bible class on Wednesday for the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. Almost as demanding, I simply must mow the grass, too. It has been about two weeks since I mowed the lawn because of our heavy schedule and being out of town most of that time. In addition, there are book orders to fulfill. It is time, too, to schedule our fall mission trips to Myanmar (Burma) and India—with multiple stops in each country. We expect to leave the country the last few days of September and return to the States around Thanksgiving. In the meantime, we will attempt to visit several congregations to acquaint them with our labors and to enlist their financial participation.

Please pray for our efforts, that we may glorify God and edify fellow brethren.

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