Uncommon Exercise!

1,820 copies Voice of Truth InternationalMonday through Wednesday, I worked faithfully on preparation of my Wednesday evening Bible class material on the Book of Job that I am teaching at the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, Mississippi. Bonnie worked on office accounting in the absence of Paula Bates, who with Jerry is in India for several weeks. Bonnie also worked on our “Thank You” cards for contributions received for our mission work the prior week. Wednesday afternoon, Rebecca accompanied Bonnie and me as we drove from Winona, MS to Jackson – two hours away.

Tall Box!Our first mission was to locate a compatible replacement battery for the security system at the World Evangelism Building; as far as I know, one cannot be purchased in Montgomery County, Mississippi. Next, we had supper at Cracker Barrel, after which we did a little shopping at Sam’s Club. Finally, we made our way to the Siwell building for Bible class. We arrived back in Winona around 10:30 p.m.

Finishing TouchesThursday, we packed 1,820 loose copies (the contents of 52 boxes of 35 each) of The Voice of Truth International into one box for overseas shipment to Guyana, South America. That humongous box is a little over three feet tall and a little less than two feet per side, and when we were done, it weighed 520 pounds! We had to use tools to stack the lower layers of magazines until the magazines stacked inside rose to meet our extended arms.

Moving the MountainGetting that box into our van was a challenge, which began by just getting it to the doorway. It may appear that Rebecca Rushmore and Betty Choate are trying to take the box in one direction on a handcart while with another hand truck I am attempting to move the same massive box in the opposite direction. Actually, we are all moving it in the same direction; steering was tricky!

Loading the Big BoxI backed the van nearly into the warehouse, and I got so close that I crawled through the van to make my entrance into the building. Bonnie and Rebecca Rushmore, Betty Choate and I barely managed to tip it across the threshold of the van’s rear door, lift it and push sufficiently to clear the car’s cargo door so it would close. Then, we added another six boxes of sermon outlines for the preachers throughout Guyanese churches of Christ. The Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ ladies will parcel out The Voice of Truth International and other books for delivery to all of the congregations of the Lord’s church in their country. Brother and sister Nigel and Jasmine Milo work with that fine congregation in Linden. Packing and especially moving the massive box proved to be uncommon exercise that had all of us huffing and puffing, hoping we hadn’t harmed ourselves or shortened our lives.

Voice of Truth singlesWe also packaged and sacked the single subscriptions of The Voice of Truth International that go forth from Winona through the USPS (snail mail). Betty took the sacks to the local Post Office on Friday. Thursday evening, I worked a little on Gospel Gazette Online.

Friday, March 14, 2014, Bonnie and I with Rebecca riding with us spent all day hauling our heavy freight to a shipper in Nashville, TN. In a sense, we dragged it! We dragged exiting my driveway (as I dragged the night before entering my driveway). We were riding so low that I had to change all three mirrors to correspond with our new view of the world as the 700 pounds or so in the cargo hold of the Town and Country changed the tilt of the vehicle.

We finally arrived back in Collierville, TN at our daughter’s home around 9 p.m. On Saturday morning, we will help Rebecca clean up her yard of fallen leaves and branches as thick as my arms; she helped me clean out gutters and clean up our yard in Winona. Saturday afternoon, Bonnie and I will make our way to Imboden, AR where we will spend the night with good friends and brethren of the Imboden Church of Christ. Sunday morning, I will update that congregation about our foreign mission work and preach during worship. We will return, Lord willing, to Rebecca’s home for the night, before returning to Winona early Monday morning. We have an all-day appointment in at the World Evangelism Building on Monday.

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