Canesville, Guyana Church of Christ


Canesville Church of Christ

Canesville Church of Christ

On Thursday, February 27, brethren Joe Latchmenarine and Nigel Milo as well as Bonnie and I ate breakfast together in the dining room of our New Amsterdam hotel. Shortly thereafter, Joe took a minibus to Georgetown. A little bit later, Nigel and Bonnie and I took a little stroll around the heart of the downtown. We can’t go anywhere in Guyana except that one or more persons recognize brother Milo; two people today greeted him by name as we ambled along. While browsing (i.e., window shopping), Bonnie bought a couple of plastic hairclips to replace one that broke since we came to Guyana the first of February. Earlier in the morning, Nigel replaced the front license plate—again! We broke two front plates in our four weeks of gallivanting across the nation.

Not long after returning to the Little Rock Hotel & Suites, we were joined by brother Michael Hooper. He brought some fish per the request of Nigel’s wife Jasmine. The four of us had lunch together at the hotel.

Then, we parted from one another. Bonnie and I with brother Nigel at the helm drove persistently for about two and a half hours to our next seminar location. We worshipped with the Canesville Church of Christ on the outskirts of Georgetown. The building has no electricity and is in a rough part of town—rough because there are no paved roads and no road maintenance, but also rough because of rowdiness after dark. We, the preacher and attendees needed to be out of the area before sunlight faded.

Men's Study Session

Men’s Study Session

There were a total of six persons there besides the six of us. Brother Joe met us there, and sister Jasmine and Zab came in from Linden, too. We commenced with a combined session of men and women with me speaking. Bonnie taught ladies for two sessions while Nigel and I taught the men for two sessions. Joe taught a combined session in conclusion. The preacher, Zab, Nigel, Joe and I sat outside the building on a stoop or on the ground for our sessions.

According to design, we six went to a fast food chicken place to have supper together as guests of Bonnie and me. Bonnie, Jasmine and I also availed ourselves of dessert—ice cream cone or Snickers ice cream bars. Having done all of the damage we could do there, we returned to Linden to rest and ready ourselves for the final seminar program tomorrow at the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ. We will conduct the seminar from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and again from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. so that we can accommodate brethren who may be working at their job at one time or the other.

One more day of seminars will conclude 15 seminar locations in 28 days. We will leave for the airport at about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. The time went swiftly, and we have mixed feelings about going “home.” We trust that our efforts have met with God’s approval and proved useful for the edification of Christian brethren throughout Guyana.

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