Kildonan Church of Christ (Guyana, South America)

For two evenings (February 25-26), our team conducted a seminar at the Kildonan Church of Christ on the east side of the Berbice River. We lodged Monday through Wednesday in a New Amsterdam hotel.

Tuesday morning, we taped television programs in New Amsterdam for the program hosted by Michael Hooper, Evangelist. Brother Nigel also spoke on live radio that day. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Nigel, Joe, Bonnie and I spoke numerous times to a goodly crowd of brethren from various congregations in the vicinity. As in every place to which we took the seminar through the country over the past four weeks, our lessons were well received and brothers and sisters in Christ were edified. They already long for our return next year; this was my fourth year in Guyana and the third year of our annual, nationwide, mobile seminars for the edification of the Lord’s church throughout the country.

Pictures include snapshots of television taping, produce being loaded onto trucks from boats and fields, presenting copies of Strong’s Concordance to Gospel preachers, make-do spur-of-the-moment scaffolding for repairing light fixtures, and road’s end at the border of Guyana and Suriname at the authorized ferry for crossing the Corentyne River. This trip, we have been to the Guyanese borders of Suriname and Brazil, as well as coming very close to the Venezuelan border.

Two more seminars remain before we conclude our month’s long labor here and return to the USA. We are satisfied that we have been useful tools in the hands of God. Our earnest desire is that God may be glorified and that brethren throughout Guyana may be edified.

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