A Late Start—Comparatively Speaking

Monday, February 24 amounted to a late start, comparatively speaking, for us. Unlike some of the early morning starts of before 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. to our days on this mission trip, our original ETD was 10:30 a.m. Later, it was re-announced at 11 a.m. Brother Nigel had scheduled two venues for the day, as the beginning of a four-day excursion in presenting our seminars on this outing.

Almost to our first destination of the day, the right front tire takes one for the team and goes flat. Fortuitously, we were able to pull over a few feet ahead at a roadside tire shop. Picture this, a four-lane highway with one of the lanes adjacent to the sidewalk and frame structure occupied by our crippled minibus, with workers jacking it up and changing the wheel. With just a little more time spent than changing tires at a speedway, we completed the eighth of a mile to the meetinghouse for the Plaisance Church of Christ. While brother Joe, Bonnie and I proceeded with the seminar, brother Nigel  returned to the tire shop and bought four, new, used tires for the van; he doesn’t buy new tires owing to the expense as well as the terrain and obstacles over which he drives from place to place throughout Guyana.

The Plaisance congregation became the host for the night’s program and members for several area churches of Christ. Over 100 brothers and sisters in Christ assembled, leaving standing room only! We had combined classes and split classes of men and women (taught by Bonnie). The panel discussion concluded that venue’s activities, and the interaction was especially lively, particularly about social drinking.

The question and answer period did not want to conclude, contributing to us being slightly late for the second appointment of the day at the Lamaha Gardens Church of Christ. This night session was well attended, too, and several congregations were represented. The number was less than what came together earlier in the day, but it was still an admirable display of interest by brothers and sisters in Christ for the Gospel.

Following Lamaha Gardens, the four of us drove about two hours away to New Amsterdam. There, we lodged at the Little Rock Suites, where the team of last year lodged, too. We were to lodge at Little Rock for three nights while conducting seminar sessions at the Kildonan Church of Christ and while taping television programs, as we had done last year also.

Monday ended for us only because the next day started before Bonnie and I turned in for the night. Before 12:30 a.m., we turned out the light on another good effort by brethren Nigel Milo and “Joe” Latchmenarine, and Bonnie and me to encourage brethren as well as heighten their Bible knowledge at just one more destination among brethren across Guyana in 2014. This annual, nationwide, mobile Guyana series of workshops is winding down. Bonnie and I have been here for over three weeks now, and come Saturday, March 1, we will wing our way back to familiar haunts in the USA. Daily, each team member prays for and devotes himself or herself to glorifying God through our meager and humble efforts.

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