Week’s End

High School Boarding SchoolFriday, February 21, 2014 afforded Bonnie and me, in the custody of brother Nigel Milo, to revisit the hostel or boarding school for high school students in Linden. I taught the lesson, “Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?” The number in attendance was diminished by several souls who had departed for the long Guyanese weekend. About 20 students were present, and they were polite and attentive. One 13-year-old girl lamented to Bonnie and me with teary eyes that her father was unable to fetch her home, and so she must stay behind in the dormitory. This young lady recently submitted to baptism into Jesus Christ. She appeared mature beyond her years, also expressing a sense of guilt for coming to school in the first place and not being home to help her parents make a living and help care for her younger siblings.

Meetnghouse Nismes Church of ChristThe alarm time of 5:45 a.m. came sooner than we had hoped on Saturday. Hurriedly, we readied ourselves for an ETD of 6:30 a.m. Nigel, Bonnie and I headed toward Georgetown to intercept Joe at the Demerara Harbor Bridge. Crossing the pontoon bridge once more, we turned left at the next junction instead of the typical right turn. Shortly from there, we came upon the meetinghouse for the Nismes Church of Christ (pronounced “neems”). Nearly an hour early, we continued past the building for miles, exploring the villages along the way.

96 dpi 5x7 Sugar Cane Plant 1When not populated with residences, rice fields lined both sides of the road. We were particularly interested in the sugarcane fields and the sugarcane processing plant. An outdoor, overhead crane lifted wagonloads of sugar cane high into the air before depositing them on to a conveyor that was climbing up into a vat. Wagons, piggy-backed to a tractor, as well as canal barges helped transport the raw sugarcane to the processing plant. Workers harvested the sugarcane by hand.

Our seminar program was an hour late beginning since only the preacher had arrived by the announced starting time. Finally, six congregations in total were represented, with a total attendance of about 33 persons. Overall, we expect to increase the Georgetown area attendance over last year by offering four venues instead of just one as we did in 2013; whereas 70 came formerly, this year with added locations we may see 120 attending.

Bonnie Rushmore

Bonnie taught two ladies’ classes, whereas I had opened the day with a presentation to a combined session of sisters and brothers; later, I taught a men’s class. Joe taught a men’s class as well as a combined session, too. We concluded with a panel discussion (questions and answers). The day’s activities were punctuated with lunch on site and a snack before parting. This was a short day for the team, and we were able to arrive back in Linden by about 3 p.m. It was another good day, in which we hope that we glorified God and edified those with whom we came in contact.

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