West Bury, Guyana, South America

High School Boarding House

High School Boarding House

Friday evening on February 14, Bonnie and I along with brother Nigel Milo went to the local boarding house for high school students from out of the area. I made my PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Beverage Alcohol.” We also distributed my tract, “To Drink or Not to Drink,” to the 35 students and staff member present.

"Joe" Latchmenarine

“Joe” Latchmenarine

At 4:45 a.m. Saturday morning, Bonnie and I arose from our slumber to ready ourselves for an ETD of 5:15 a.m. for our next venue. Brother Milo and we headed out of Linden for Georgetown, where we picked up brother Latchmenarine.

First, we crossed the floating bridge spanning the Demerara River, which is a little over a mile across. Next, we drove 35 kilometers to Parika, whereupon we boarded a speedboat. The waters were choppy owing to the stiff, sustained wind buffeting the mouth of the Essequibo River that we were about to cross. River current and ocean water combined with the wind as master of both to give us two bone crunching torturous rides; it takes 45 minutes to cover the 20 mile width of the stream as it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. My vocabulary is void of adequate words to describe the experience, extraordinary for us but merely routine for Guyanese.

Reaching land, we hired a taxi to take us the remaining miles to West Bury for today’s seminar. The women far outnumbered the men—50 women and 32 men, for a total of 82 present. The program commenced immediately upon our arrival. Bonnie taught three ladies’ classes, while “Joe” and I taught men’s classes and combined classes of men and women. The sessions were punctuated with a common meal together at lunchtime.

Barge on Demerara River

Barge on Demerara River

The trip back proved interesting. A dispute at the river port at Supenaam required all of the passengers of our boat to disembark and find alternative boats for the crossing. By the time Nigel and we made it back to his home—our “base”—in Linden by about 8:30 p.m., we were all totally exhausted.

Bouncing Boats on Essequibo River

Bouncing Boats on Essequibo River

By the way, I have injured the bottom of my right foot somehow—mysteriously, since I do not know how or what happened. It is getting sorer.

After cleaning up and resting for the night, we will worship with the Blue Berry Church of Christ in Linden on the Lord’s Day. Our mission trip is half over, but we have nine seminar locations remaining. We resume the seminars on Monday.

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    We are praying for your safe return and much fruit from your labors. W.E. & Judy Walker

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