Ituni, You-tuni, We-tuni

Muddy Minivan
Thursday, February 13
, Joe, Nigel, and Bonnie and I departed Linden in the church van for Ituni. We left about 1:15 p.m. and arrived two hours later over what must be one of the worst poor excuses for a road that we have ever experienced. Hardly had we left Linden and we immersed the minivan in muddy slurry the entire width of the road and more than the length of our vehicle. In the process of navigating the distance between Linden and Ituni, we managed to damage the front license plate and pack mud into the grill. Words fail to express the excruciating experience just trying to hold on, certainly comparable to many American amusement park rides or riding the mechanical bull at some cowboy bar.

Ituni Church of Christ

We had the windows open to keep from suffocating in the tropical heat, only to be splattered with mud from the oversized tires splashing through the water (mud) hazards. The air was so thick with airborne grit that we could feel it pelting us in our faces and getting into our eyes. By the time of our arrival in Ituni, our clothes were decorated with brown splotches of muddy splatter. Ituni is one of those places that upon arriving one explores the possibility of settling down, simply because the thought of the return trip across the rigorous terrain is repulsive to reflect upon.

Louis TeachingWe checked into the village guesthouse when we arrived. Its amenities or the lack thereof ranged somewhere between those of Monkey Mountain and Paramakatoi. Ituni is a logging village, and most of the men are in the bush for weeks at a time, leaving behind largely a population of women and children.

Bonnie's ClassAbout 21 people were present for the seminar (including the four of us). Both members of the church and non-members attended. The panel discussion was particularly lively, and we provided biblical answers for sundry religious questions that were asked. Bonnie taught the ladies in the dark outside the meetinghouse, and Joe and I each taught a lesson inside; I taught a combined group of men and women.

ItuniThe program concluded, we had a meal together. Our team opted to return to Linden that night. However, we arrived back Nigel’s home three hours later. Bonnie and I cleaned up before going to bed, turning in around 2 a.m. Brother Milo told me that so much of the trail was on my face that I certainly would have to clean up before anyone at the airport upon our departure would believe I was the one pictured in my passport.

ItuniIt was a good effort. Brethren were encouraged and edified. We also became aware of how we might be of greater assistance to the Ituni brethren in the future.

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    We in the states and at Siwell Road Church in Jackson,Ms thank you for all you do to further The Gospel of Christ in so many places.. W.E.Walker

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