Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ

Nigel at LethemThe Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ is one of the most promising congregations of the Lord’s church with which we are acquainted anywhere. The members routinely canvass their city door to door three days weekly, without prodding or superintending. Church members exercise a mentoring program for new members, and new members continue in guided self-study with weekly guidance from more mature members. Christians there save their money to fund two in-country mission trips annually to both encourage sister congregations and evangelize distant communities.

Nigel at ParikaSeveral men and ladies teach or in other ways contribute to the edification of the church there. Brother Nigel and sister Jasmine Milo serve the congregation as brother Nigel preaches for it. Christians are added to the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ with regularity. If necessary, when delinquent members cannot be recovered, they are withdrawn from; on a recent visit, one sister from whom the church had withdrawn was restored. This congregation is living and active and doing its best in every quarter to follow the New Testament pattern for Christianity. No one could accuse these brethren of playing church or keeping house! Consequently, the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ is one of the largest and most thriving churches in Guyana.

The present facilities are overwhelmed with the number in attendance. Hence, a new, 2-story building is being constructed on an adjacent lot. It is a handsome structure that should provide all of the space needed for the foreseeable future. It can be a fine tool for the cause of Christ for many years to come. The new facilities will accommodate the hundreds of Christians and visitors already attending.

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Humble and modest, but ambitious for the Lord, Nigel Milo is a sparkplug. He would put the Energizer Bunny to shame. Brother Milo is the director of our Annual Nationwide Mobile Guyanese Seminar, and he doesn’t stop making it successful and planning thereto. Even in airports or at boat docks while going to or returning from the seminar venues already in progress, Nigel works the phone with congregational contacts. This year, he simultaneously worked with contacts for the seminars as well as the ladies’ day.

As the result largely of the Amelia’s Ward congregation and brother and sister Milo, many hundreds throughout the nation annually are encouraged and edified within the body of Christ. In addition, hundreds attended the ladies’ day. It is a great pleasure to be associated with this fine church and these outstanding brethren.

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