Weary Weekend Warriors

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Weekend Warriors can refer to a lot of different scenarios depending upon the context under consideration. We had our share of weary, Winona, weekend warriors Saturday, January 25, 2014. Several families from the Collierville, TN Church of Christ made their annual descent on the World Evangelism Building. They helped us attend to some of the things we can’t seem to find time to do on our own as we apply ourselves to various other aspects of our domestic and overseas evangelism.

We had one member of the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS (besides Bonnie and me) who came up, too; he met up with his sister, brother-in-law and niece who came from Collierville. Of course, Betty Choate was there as well—bringing the total present for the workday to 20. Our youngest helper was 4-years-old; she really did help some and did a lot of playing, also. Other than three teenagers, the balance ranged from young adults to 82-years-old.

All of us fellowshipped in a number of ways. We worked together, and we ate together. It was a gloriously, good time while doing some of the chores behind the scenes in stateside and worldwide evangelism.

The tasks accomplished included a partial inventory of books, The Voice of Truth International invoice mailing preparation, preparation and packaging of shipments of sample The Voice of Truth International magazines to book stores and schools of preaching, preparation and packaging of The Voice of Truth International and other literature to churches of Christ throughout the Philippines, shredding unneeded financial reports, restocking books on the racks from which we draw to fulfill requests for literature, inventorying over 100 tract titles, cleaning, trimming the shrubs outside, shrink wrapping and cataloging books printed stateside and overseas, relocation of old or non-functioning computer equipment, ordering a refurbished internal part for a color LaserJet printer, transferring computer files from a retired computer to a new computer as well as setting up the new computer’s email program, preparation of a mailing for sister Choate to prospective donors, restocking of tract bins from which we fulfill requests for literature, stitching together three short videos for Betty Choate to be used at the opening of a meetinghouse for the Lord’s church in Pakistan, and counting and rubber banding packets of 25 tracts to facilitate easier fulfillment of requests. The jobs were varied, and there was something for everyone.

We have groups from various congregations visit us for workdays throughout each year, and we greatly appreciate each one, but no bunch of Christians are more enthusiastic than those from the Collierville Church of Christ. They no more than finish one task and they are begging for the next job that they might seek to accomplish. Any group of Christians who come to help do weeks worth of needful activities in a smidgeon of the time it would take the five of us (Betty Choate, Jerry and Paula Bates, Louis and Bonnie Rushmore) who live daily in Winona and work in the World Evangelism Building.

Everyone worked hard, except maybe for me; I was here and there, and I stole away to remake a page of the next issue of The Voice of Truth International that didn’t turn out right; then, I resubmitted it as an attachment to email to the printing company in South Carolina. Some of the youngsters played hard, including hide-and-seek; we either have some LARGE mice with pretty brown eyes and cute noses, or our 4-year-old visitor was peeking out of her hiding place.

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