Birthday Supper, A Day in a Closet & St. Joseph

Friday, January 3rd the impossible happened. I turned 60-years-old! Just yesterday I was a confused teenager; now I’m just confused—decades the other side of adolescence. It seems only the other decade or so—everything apparently happened decades ago now—Bonnie and I were just getting started with life together. Where has the time gone? Well, we don’t need much of an excuse to treat ourselves whenever possible to some “Road Kill” at the Texas Roadhouse in Horn Lake, MS when passing through between Winona, MS and Collierville, TN. My birthday proved to be one of those excuses. Bonnie and I shared the glorified chopped steak and baked potato, accompanied by our daughter Rebecca who met us there after teaching school in Horn Lake. Afterward, we proceeded to her home, our own little bed & breakfast—home away from home.

Hall Closet

Saturday was a work day for us at Rebecca’s. About a year earlier, part of the ceiling in her hall closet fell down due to water damage from a leak in the roof. I cut out and replaced the affected area of the ceiling, but only had occasions to work on it during brief stops over the next several months, and sometimes we came and went without me giving any attention to it. Finally, we determined to complete the little project.

Of course, we had to paint the ceiling. There were also unpainted areas on the two side walls where wood bracing had been for a shelf and a hanging rod; it made sense to paint those spots, too. The new shelving with which the closet had been fitted gouged the walls, and that needed fixed and painted also. That meant painting the walls and the ceiling; it needs to match. To facilitate painting and repair of the walls, we needed to remove all of the shelving—on all three walls. I removed the metal brackets as well to accommodate the paint roller more easily. That’s when we found out that the plastic wall anchors in the plasterboard had failed and that the shelving was lodged in the less than square closet, held up by friction as much as by the brackets.

I spent all day in the closet! Two coats of paint consumed the better part of a gallon—which, fortunately, was left from a previous undertaking. We cut the metal shelves to fit, reaffixed the brackets to the walls and remounted all nine shelves. Naturally, we had to reorganize all of the contents for the shelves as we put things back. I may have to go home to rest!

St. Joseph Ave. Church of Christ

Sunday morning, Bonnie and I headed for Dyersburg, TN to worship with the St. Joseph Ave. Church of Christ. This is a predominantly black congregation with a white preacher (John Stacy) and seven new converts in 2013, all of whom are white. While many predominantly white congregations in our country have an increasing representation of blacks, Hispanics and Asians among others, St. Joseph Ave. is the only congregation of which I am personally familiar in the United States where a mostly black church is becoming integrated by converting their white neighbors.

The brethren at St. Joseph are some of the sweetest and friendliest brethren with whom I am acquainted anywhere. I am proud to have the opportunity to be associated with them, to worship with them and to be the beneficiary of their financial participation in our mission work; they help Bonnie and me as we labor for the Lord in any of four Asian countries (India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Singapore) and in Guyana, South America. In addition, they help brother Loy and sister Debra Mitchell in their missionary labors in Zimbabwe, Africa.

For Bible class, I presented my PowerPoint regarding my 2013 efforts in Myanmar (Burma). For worship, I preached, “The Purpose of Preaching.” I always feel at home at St. Joseph.

Fearful of the weather, we nevertheless maintained a true course through heavy wind, rain and rapidly falling temperatures. We stopped over at Rebecca’s long enough to change clothes, pack the car with clothes and tools, and for me to install a new, programmable thermostat for our daughter. We finally pulled into our Winona driveway about 7:30 p.m., in time to rest up for the beginning of the work week—back at the office/warehouse.

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