My Christmas Baby!

2013 Christmas TreeChristmas Day was a quiet one of togetherness and a meal together, enjoyed by Rebecca, Bonnie and me at our residence in Winona, MS. It also happened to be Bonnie’s birthday. I have joked for years that I buy her a pair of shoes annually on her Christmas birthday—one shoe for her birthday and one shoe for Christmas. She has never found that too amusing. Actually, for the most part, we do not buy birthday and Christmas gifts for each other anymore. The best gifts we have from the other are friendship and love. (Bonnie did, though, buy me a used book not available any longer new.) That evening, we worshipped with brethren at the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS.

Thursday morning, we three headed for Jackson, MS for yet one more test through which it was necessary for Bonnie to go in her medical recovery. Predictable and overall good news, the result of a scope into Bonnie’s stomach showed her without cancer there, too; no ulcer; and confirmed the efficiency of her surgery for pancreatic cancer. Under a little cloud of anesthesia, Rebecca and I with a sleepy Bonnie made our way back to Winona. A new prescription and some new direction for selective eating may help combat digestive problems.

Friday morning, Bonnie and I proceeded to our annual physical exams, once postponed to make way for an appointment for Bonnie with her oncologist. Blood drawn for analysis, we got flu shots, tests for TB and prescriptions for Malaria prevention prior to our upcoming mission trip to Guyana, South America. Doctoring advice and other prescriptions renewed also, we returned to the office. Bonnie worked on layout of the next issue of The Voice of Truth International, while I worked on various other matters. Together, Bonnie and I brought our next newsletter near to completion. All the while, Rebecca dutifully typed articles for Gospel Gazette Online from morning until end of day. Each night when we go to the house, we dabble a little more in our mobile office, in my case, either working on the Book of Job class I am teaching Wednesday evenings at the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS, or finalizing pages for the next issue of The Voice of Truth International.

My Christmas Baby (Bonnie) and I along with our daughter Rebecca are together for the holidays. Our sons Raymond and Robert, who were unable to be with us, each sent their respective cards and made their phone calls. Bonnie and I with Rebecca, too, are putting in working holidays in Winona, MS.

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