Sunday in Mississippi

Sunday morning, December 22, Bonnie and I, with our daughter Rebecca along for the ride, left the house in Winona, MS at 7 a.m. We were bound for the Clinton, MS Church of Christ, where we would worship with the saints there. During 9 a.m. Bible class, I presented my PowerPoint “2013 Mission Trips.” There was good interaction with the class as well following worship. Later, I preached “Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship?” It, too, was well received. I had one of my tracts on that very subject available in the foyer.

Afterward, the preacher John Allan and his wife Erin and their 3-year-old boy Seth treated the three of us to lunch at McAlister’s. Seth is so smart and the most well-manner little one I have ever observed. I enjoyed him as much as we enjoyed the Christian fellowship with his mother and father.

Next, we three ventured into the foray of holiday shoppers at the new outlets mall in Pearl, MS. Rebecca was on a quest to find a pair of shoes. Bonnie and I had visited the shopping center for the first time about a week earlier and noticed several shoe stores. Our daughter views shopping as a miserable experience and from her teenage years she wearied all who accompanied her on her shopping adventures. This time, though, was different! We went into one store, she found shoes that fit and that she liked, and she bought two pair of shoes! Neither the abundance of shoppers or disappointment over the shopping experience dampened the outing.

After refueling the car for our trip home later that night, Bonnie spied a Dollar Tree store. We visited it, and she bought some empty tins in which she planned to package some homemade cookies to give a way. In addition to the mob of dollar shoppers, complications at checkout with inept employees prolonged our visit. It would be amusing if it were not pathetic that counter employees sometimes these days can’t count to “8” or refrain from asking for payment when instead they are supposed to be giving back the change for what was already handed them for payment. However, it does remind me of those occasions when I walk into a room and simply cannot remember why.

Sunday evening, it was our good pleasure to worship with the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ on the south side of Jackson, MS. I again made my PowerPoint presentation about my “2013 Mission Trips.” This congregation is our sponsoring church. The elders and preacher, especially as well as many members, are supportive and encouraging.

After worship, W.E. and Judy Walker, plus two of their granddaughters, treated us to supper at Burger King. We delayed our inevitable return to Winona for some time while once more we enjoyed good fellowship with the Walkers and two other couples from church with whom we dined. Our next stop was Wal-Mart in Madison, MS along our homeward route up I-55. We often buy groceries or other commodities on our way back to Winona. Bonnie also picked up some more containers for homemade, kitchen-made holiday gifts (e.g., cookies, candy and caramel popcorn).

Bonnie and Rebecca had the options of sleeping or reading from their electronic Nook readers as I drove in the early morning or on the return trip through the darkness to home. On the other hand, I am the designated driver. Last night, I was growing very tired and my driving skills were depreciating before we finally pulled into the driveway. I was exhausted by the time we arrived home around 10:30 p.m. We three stayed up a little longer after putting groceries away. Though the alarm sounded and was silenced at 6:30 a.m., I was too tired to rise and shine just yet. I’m not stopped, but I am slowing down just a little. The real rest on which I am counting is out of this world.

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