Most Recent Medical Visit: Bonnie Rushmore

Bonnie has been experiencing digestive problems since the conclusion of chemotherapy a little over a month ago that made it necessary to revisit her oncologist. She has been sicker following chemo than she was most of the time during her six months of chemotherapy.

Yesterday (Friday, December 13), we traveled to Jackson, MS for a 9 a.m. appointment for Bonnie to undergo a CAT scan. Afterward in Jackson Oncology Associates offices, Bonnie had blood drawn for analysis, and eventually, we were able to see Dr. Young. She informed us that Bonnie’s CAT scan shows that she is still cancer free. Further, Bonnie’s blood counts are all where they are supposed to be. The supposition is that either chemotherapy and lots of antibiotics have killed the good bacteria used for digestive purposes or Bonnie has a stomach ulcer, or both. For the next two weeks, Bonnie will be taking two prescriptions and an over the counter medicine to stabilize her digestive tract and restore good bacteria. In addition, Bonnie is scheduled for a scope to examine the stomach, if it is needed following medicines to restore the digestive process.

All in all, it is good news! It will be better news, of course, when Bonnie is able to eat without pain and other inconveniences. Thank you for your continued interest and prayers.

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