Double Work Day

  Today (December 5) was a double workday! Before Bonnie and I (with sister Marilyn LaStrape in tow) made it the short the distance from our home to the world Evangelism Building, brethren Therman Hodge and Alan Barham from the Union, MS Church of Christ had arrived. We were only a minute away.

Alan Barham Building BookcasesThroughout the day, Therman and Alan built two 7-foot wide floor-to-ceiling bookcases and rebuilt one pallet to accommodate floor space between two bookcases. Actually, the shelving is not for books, but for bulk storage of tracts. Now, the approximately 100 boxes of tracts on pallets have been moved to the bookcases. This makes good use of space along the wall and frees up pallets for receiving future shipments of The Voice of Truth International and other literature.

Therman Hodge Rebuilding a PalletBonnie, Marilyn and I counted tracts into bundles of 25 and placed rubber bands on them. We probably did this with about 50 different titles. This will enable the five of us who typically work out of the World Evangelism Building to more quickly fill requests for them from day to day.

Both of these tasks ate up most of the day and involved quite a bit of physical activity. All of us were tired. Of course, we punctuated the day with lunch that Bonnie prepared (Sloppy Joes, etc.).

In addition, we went to the Post Office twice, fielded phone calls and I took three neighbors who lack transportation to destinations in Winona.

Marilyn LaStrape Counting TractsAt the end of day and into the evening, Marilyn, Bonnie and I concerned ourselves with how and when sister LaStrape was going to be able to fly home. The ice storm hitting a wide swath across several states already resulted in the closure of her layover airport of Dallas, TX and is expected to affect her departure airport of Memphis, TN as well. Scheduled to fly out of Memphis in the morning, we will have to turn in the morning to the weather news and to the airline to see if and when her flight will proceed—preferably before we make the nearly 2-hour jaunt from Winona, MS to Memphis, TN.

Our volunteers keep on coming, knowing that we will put them to work. They are a great help and encouragement to us, plus they do for us what we cannot easily accomplish by ourselves and maintain our level of commitment to other aspects of the overall work. Marilyn, Therman and Alan are among that number.

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