Busy Day in Mississippi

Our first destination of the morning was to make a deposit at a local branch bank for the Rushmore Evangelism Fund. After picking up the office mail from the Post Office, sister Marilyn LaStrape, Bonnie and I went to the office/warehouse. Sister LaStrape and I worked for a little while proofing, formatting and publishing to the Internet a couple of articles for the upcoming December issue of Gospel Gazette Online. She wanted to see how it is put together; sister Marilyn has written for GGO for ten years now!

While we were doing that, Bonnie made “Thank You” cards for the donors whose gifts arrived at our sponsoring congregation over the previous week. She also prepared a card for the congregation with which we worshipped in Arkansas last Sunday, and who contributed toward our missionary labors. Later in the day, I finished preparing those “Thank You” cards.

Next, Bonnie and Marilyn went to the warehouse to prepare a mail out of single copies of The Voice of Truth International. They prepared over 200 and bagged them so they could be taken to the Post Office later. During the same time, I remained in the office to prepare handouts for a Bible class I was to teach Wednesday evening for the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS (two hours south of Winona). In addition, I caught up on some chronicling in office records of address changes and visits made to congregations.

I intercepted an incoming phone call when Bonnie was not around to answer it, and received a change of address for a The Voice of Truth International subscription. Finally, we took the mail bags and a box to the Post Office for mailing.

About 3:30 p.m., we got in our car and headed for Jackson, MS. An hour later, we stopped at the Olive Garden restaurant for supper. Afterward, we proceeded to the meetinghouse of the Siwell Rd. congregation where I was to begin several weeks of teaching the Book of Job and the Song of Solomon on Wednesday nights. Apparently, everything went alright since no one threw anything at me, and no one got up and left. A few expressed their appreciation of the class. The class was videotaped and a digital computer file in PDF format is available, too. Both can be obtained by going to the website for the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ at http://www.siwellroad.com/.

Following Bible class, we three returned to Winona, MS, and we arrived back at 10 p.m. We need to rest overnight in readiness for the next day’s activities, whereupon besides sundry things to do, three guests are coming to build more bookshelves in the warehouse to hold bulk boxes of tracts now sitting on pallets on the floor.

During the course of the day, I also made an appointment with a congregation in western Tennessee for January 5, 2014. That night, I made another appointment with our sponsoring congregation for December 22. Presently, we are making appointments in December, January and March to be with congregations for mission reports and biblical lessons. All of February, Bonnie and I will be in Guyana, South America (God willing and if Christians and churches of Christ make it financially possible.)

(The Bates are out of town and will be for several days. They left this morning for Texas, pulling a trailer and driving a Jeep, both full of literature bound for overseas countries.) On another side note, we received a check this past week for $1,000 to help with disaster relief in the Philippines; we will pass it along, and it will be applied by Christian brethren in the Philippines. When money arrives in the hands of any of us at World Evangelism marked for something in particular such as disaster relief, 100% of those funds pass through directly to the intended recipients for the designated purposes.

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