Foray into Arkansas and Back

Table Hanging from CeilingSaturday, November 31, Bonnie and I drove from Winona, MS to Batesville, AR. We spent the night in a local motel in preparation for worshipping on the Lord’s Day (on December 1) with the Southside, AR Church of Christ—as the name indicates, just south of Batesville. We opted for supper at Arby’s and dessert at Dairy Queen—about a block apart from each other.

Sunday, I made a PowerPoint presentation of my 2013 foreign mission trips during the Bible class time. We visited vicariously through my trips Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) in Asia and Guyana, South America.

Normally, Bonnie and I spend up to two months in Asia in any of four countries and up to one month in Guyana; this year, however, without Bonnie at my side due to her illness, I stayed three weeks in Guyana and three weeks in Myanmar this year. Happily, Bonnie has recovered and will be traveling with me to Guyana for the entire month of February.

During worship, I preached, “Why Do the Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship?” About 80 were present. Bonnie and I are always graciously received by our brothers and sisters in Christ at the Southside, AR congregation. We feel at home or comfortable there.

After worship, we dined with brother Bob and sister Shirley Harris, preacher and his wife for the church. We ate at a quaint, rustic restaurant across the street from the meetinghouse. The food was good, which is always a plus at an eatery, and the companionship was grand. An interesting oddity was that among the other items tacked on the walls and ceiling was a complete table, chairs, dishes, cups, etc. hanging upside down from the ceiling. Sister Harris said she never sits at the table under the hanging table because she doesn’t trust it not to fall while she is eating.

While we were at the restaurant, two other preachers from neighboring communities greeted me. One brother was from Oil Trough, AR; he highly praised Gospel Gazette Online and my most recent editorial in The Voice of Truth International magazine. Encouraging words are always appreciated and help us keep the momentum going to accomplish those things.

After lunch, Bonnie and I headed for Rebecca’s home in Collierville, TN. We will stay over two nights before returning to Winona, MS. Tomorrow, Bonnie and I will put on our annual demonstration, with a PowerPoint presentation, about foreign culture at the school where Rebecca teaches. Tuesday, Bonnie and I pick up sister Marilyn LaStrape at the Memphis, TN airport before returning to Winona. More about those two events later. Wednesday, I begin a 6-month class on Wednesday evenings at the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ in Jackson, MS. More about that later, too. We keep ourselves busy in the service of our Lord, with the help and financial underwriting of our Christian brethren and churches of Christ. Thank you!

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