Team Meeting on the Road

World Evangelism Team Meeting on the RoadAmidst the wet, rainy, cold weather, Bonnie and I swung by Betty Choate’s house at 8:15 a.m. to retrieve her for our trek to Tupelo, MS for an extended World Evangelism Team Meeting. Two hours later, we arrived at the East Main Church of Christ’s meetinghouse. Waiting for us were Jerry and Paula Bates who had stayed in Tupelo overnight as they were returning from Sunday appointments in Tennessee. A little later, Robin Dunaway from Jasper, AL and Wayne Barrier from Florence, AL arrived, too.

We discussed various team related projects from 10:30 a.m. until nearly 4:00 p.m. Among items over which we compared notes and agreed how to proceed cooperatively were future worldwide publishing and distribution details for two of our magazines (The Voice of Truth International and Global Harvest), honing the speakers’ schedule for the 2014 India Missions Conference (cohosted by the World Evangelism Team and Heritage Christian University), foreign translation, publishing and distribution of books and tracts around the world, and moving ahead with the next step in the development of a Bible school curriculum for all ages (Into God’s World). Of course, we interjected lunch into the mix about 1:30 p.m. (a Subway sandwich platter, chips, Bonnie’s homemade cookies and soft drinks; I came for the chips!—in part.)

Before parting company, we transferred four cases of books from our car to Wayne’s car; we were the delivery people today from the World Evangelism Building warehouse to restock the Barriers for their appointments. Sadly, Robin Dunaway’s car wouldn’t start, and we could not bring it to life with the jumpstart we attempted; we all left him at his bidding to await help from AAA (not AA). Then, we headed for Sam’s Club (for an hour!) before pointing the old jalopy toward Winona. Betty, of course, found someone inside the store that she knew—and a conversation developed. We are thankful for cell phones, which enabled Bonnie and me to ascertain that she was yet in the store and not out in the rain somewhere waiting for us to emerge from the exit.

We dropped Betty off at her home, stopped by the office to put leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch and got home ourselves around 7:00 p.m. Our journey home seemed longer owing to the dark, rainy night and wet roads. That’s how we spent Monday, November 25, 2013. Oh, we also received a book order by phone while traveling in the car this morning, and I received email correspondence from India about the upcoming India Missions Conference in the afternoon. Our office is truly mobile!

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