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Why did the sloth cross the road?

Why did the sloth cross the road?

Friday, November 22 and this coming Tuesday combined, Bonnie and I are sending out 891 letters to Christians and churches of Christ. With those letters, we acquaint our brethren with Bonnie and my upcoming mission trip to Guyana, South America for the entire month of February 2014; we leave Memphis, TN on February 1 and return March 1.

In the interim, we will teach primarily Christians throughout the nation of Guyana. We will work with brethren up and down the Atlantic coast as well as from coastal areas to far into the interior along the borders of Venezuela and Brazil—and parts in between. Last year, nearly 1,200 brethren and non-Christians participated and 72 congregations were represented. To take us throughout the country in three weeks, I traveled 50 hours in airplanes of all sizes, about 30 hours by land vehicles and 5 hours by boats. Two Guyanese brethren and I conducted 9 seminars, placing our effort within reach of every Christian in Guyana, and two Gospel meetings. We taped television programs, taught in a high school boarding house and delivered Christian books to every preacher in the nation.

Bonnie was unable to travel abroad with me in 2013 because of her serious illness. However, we are traveling together overseas again in 2014. Bonnie will teach ladies everywhere we go. Our effort is intended to edify Christians (e.g., preachers, leaders and interested brethren) and help them better shoulder their share of the responsibility to evangelize their own country. What we do complements the numerous annual efforts especially by American Christians to help evangelize Guyana. We also promote harmony among the ethnicities within the Lord’s church in Guyana, as we work with brethren and non-Christians of East Indian descent, African descent and the Amerindians. Our team each year and from year to year demonstrates that goal of harmony and cooperation by incorporating on our team qualified brethren representing each ethnicity.

Our roundtrip airfare between the USA and Guyana came to over $2,600. To cover that and for the overall program, Bonnie and I need to raise about $12,000 in the next several weeks. We will need to provide for our in-country travel expenses and those who travel with us in Guyana, our lodging and meals as well as our coworkers’ lodging and meals, food for the attendees coming to our seminars, and offset some of the travel expenses of brethren coming to the seminars. If this is something in which you are interested, please (1) pray for the success of the planned nationwide seminars, (2) participate with us financially, and (3) apprise your congregation and fellow Christians so that they, too, will be enabled and empowered to ‘send the light’ afar with us. Our sponsoring congregation and the receiver of our funds is the Siwell Rd. Church of Christ, 4075 Siwell Rd., Jackson, MS 39212.

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