Five Pallets of “The Voice of Truth International Magazine”

Surprise! The tractor-trailer scheduled for Wednesday came Monday, November 18. Surprise! The lift gate for which we were billed was not on the truck that actually showed up. Surprise! Since the shipment arrived on Monday, Jerry and Paula Bates were still out of town from their Sunday appointments; only Betty Choate, Bonnie and I were in Winona to unload five pallets of The Voice of Truth International magazine. (Betty mused that Jerry and Paula were parked on the overpass, watching and waiting for the truck to drive away.)

Not having a loading dock at the World Evangelism Building and with no lift gate on the tractor-trailer, we had to take boxes from the back of the trailer, put them on hand trucks and wheel them into the warehouse. For almost exactly one year Bonnie has had an exemption from warehouse duty and any other strenuous activity (e.g., mowing grass), but she was cleared medically the previous Friday to do whatever she felt up to doing. Monday, Bonnie got quite a workout. I lifted down the hundreds of boxes to the ground, and Bonnie wheeled them to their destinations in the warehouse. Betty stacked them on pallets in the warehouse.

Whenever we are not involved in routine, daily matters (e.g., fulfilling stateside orders for literature and taking them to the Post Office, preparing mailings, working on future issues of The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online, etc.), we divert our attention to such things as unloading or loading tractor-trailers with Christian literature. Volume 78 of The Voice of Truth International just received, Bonnie and Betty are already working on Volume 79.

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