Good News—PET Scan Negative!

Bonnie had a PET scan yesterday (Friday, November 15) at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, MS. We drove down to the appointment that morning from Winona, MS for her 9:30 a.m. registration. She walked out of radiology at 12:05 p.m.—already five minutes late for her appointment with her oncologist. I insisted, however, that she eat some lunch first, since she had not eaten in preparation for the PET scan after supper the previous evening. We split a foot long turkey and ham sub at Subway in the hospital, and we still made it to her doctor’s office before 12:30.

(The PET scan involves registration, waiting, insurance paperwork, waiting, removing clothes with any metal in them, an IV, a radioactive sugar injection, lying still in the dark for 50 minutes and being strapped down to a table for 35 minutes as the table slowly moves through a tunnel while the scanner scans the upper body.)

We waited for hours, as did many other patients for either chemo treatment or to see a doctor. Finally, it was our turn. The oncologist reported that the PET scan was completely negative—as the last one had been, too. The “chemicals” analysis was not back yet (e.g., cancer markers, etc.), but nothing remarkable was expected. We left the doctor at about 3 p.m.

Bonnie is permitted to do whatever she feels good enough to do. (That sounds like quite a license and authorization for “doing” or “not doing” pretty much anything, but I’m good with that.) She still tires easily and will have to rebuild her strength, which in part will occur naturally the more distance there is between the present and the completion of chemotherapy. In addition, Bonnie resumed moderate exercising on Saturday.

We are planning our joint mission trip to Guyana, South America for February. Last year, I participated in nine seminars in three weeks throughout the entire nation—from the Atlantic coast to the borders with Venezuela and Brazil, as well as two Gospel meetings, one day of television program taping and teaching in a high school boarding house. In 2014, Bonnie will accompany me to these various locations to teach women while I teach the men. We are looking forward to resuming our overseas mission trips together.

Bonnie and I are thankful for all of the moral support, prayers and financial assistance that have helped us get through this past year. We intend to continue applying ourselves fully in the service of Christ throughout the balance of our lives—with your cooperation and with your fellowship.

Next week, we will send out letters to Christians and churches of Christ empowering them to participate with us financially in our 2014 Guyana Mission Trip; ideally, we would like to secure $12,000 for this program. I am in the process of scheduling stateside appointments for November, December, January and March; you can help by letting me know when is the optimum time for Bonnie and me to visit your congregation (Email:

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