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November NewsletterOn Thursday, November 7 Bonnie and I took our November 2013 Rushmore Newsletter to the Post Office—all 684 of them. Hundreds more Christians were notified a couple days earlier of its availability on the Internet at:

Inside, readers will find articles by Bonnie and me. I wrote about my recent, 3-week mission trip to Myanmar, formerly called Burma. Bonnie updated our stateside travels since our last newsletter, and she summarized her health saga as she recovered over the past year from pancreatic cancer. I wrote an article acquainting everyone with the theme of our foreign missions as well as our love for printing and distributing Gospel literature worldwide; several books are waiting funds to permit their publication.

One featured article announces the impending mission trip to Guyana, South America on which Bonnie and I will go for four weeks in February. This effort will find us crisscrossing the nation to work with nearly every congregation of the Lord’s church in the country—as we did last year, too. It is essential to begin raising money from the churches of Christ and Christian families to permit us to buy our plane tickets soon and send advance money for the extensive program to Guyana ahead of our arrival there. Through the generosity of brethren in the USA, we will finance the travel of two Guyanese brethren with us in our travels for the nationwide mobile seminars, feed attendees and offset some of their travel expenses. Ideally, we need to raise $12,000 over the next few, short weeks.

As always, we provide an open disclosure of gifts and expenses relative to our labors for the Lord stateside and abroad. We solicit the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Bonnie and I will continue to take the light of the Gospel to the world as long as brethren continue to send the light of the Gospel through our hands. Interested Christians are invited to visit us at Website:, contact me at Email: or send a monetary gift to our sponsoring congregation at Rushmore Evangelism Fund, Siwell Rd. Church of Christ, 4075 Siwell Rd., Jackson, MS 39212.

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