Liberty Church of Christ Workday

Liberty Church of Christ workersThe preacher for and other members of the Liberty Church of Christ in Dennis, MS made the long trip to Winona, MS on Tuesday, October 29. They came to assist Betty Choate, Bonnie and me in preparation of the next mailing of the Global Harvest magazine. This journal is a semi-annual publication highlighting mission works by various churches of Christ. It is full color and accented with pictures of many foreign mission efforts. If you would like a free sample copy, send me your mailing information at my email: (stateside requests only, please).

One picture shows the crew in action with Bonnie also pictured as she was keeping the various piles of inserts stocked. The other photograph shows the Liberty Church of Christ bunch plus Betty Choate and me; Bonnie was taking the pic.

Liberty Church of Christ workersCongregations send us workers from time to time for numerous work projects: mailings, cleaning, building repairs and maintenance, yard work, painting, etc. Sometimes senior citizens come, whereas on other occasions youth with their chaperons come, or families may spend a day with us. If workers come for more than one day, we house them in the apartment attached to the warehouse or in the homes of Betty Choate, Paula and Jerry Bates or in our home. There are so many ways in which someone or a church can participate with us in World Evangelism.

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