Medical Update: A Year in Review

Fall 2012 Myanmar Delta

Fall 2012 Myanmar Delta

Bonnie Rushmore

Just under a year ago, upon our return trip from Asia, I visited the doctor for a routine annual checkup. As many of you may recall, that visit resulted in further tests that determined the need to have my gall bladder removed in Grenada, MS. Instead of getting better, I became sicker and several more tests were run at hospitals in Oxford, MS and Memphis, TN, with no conclusion for the cause of the mass closing the bile duct.

April 4th I entered a hospital in Jackson, MS for a three-hour major surgery to have the mass removed. Six hours later, the doctor informed Louis that I had stage three pancreatic cancer, and the mass in the bile duct was in fact cancer even though all biopsies were inconclusive. Six months of weekly cancer treatments began the end of May and will conclude November First.

As you can imagine, the past year has had many ups and downs. Through the middle of December and the first three months of 2013, I endured six ERCP’s. Before being put to sleep for each procedure, I prayed one more time that this procedure would determine the cause and the removal of the blockage. Upon waking from the sedative of each procedure, I was informed that the doctors were unable to remove the blockage. After the third procedure, a temporary stent was installed to keep the bile duct open. After the sixth procedure, a permanent stainless steel stent was installed. All biopsies returned normal with no cancer cells and no foreign organism.

Some would say that God did not answer my prayers. However, we must realize that God answers all prayers but not necessarily the way we want them answered (James 5:16; 2 Peter 3:8). Sometimes He says, “Yes,” sometimes He says, “No,” and sometimes He says, “Maybe later.”

Upon being diagnosed with cancer, my prayer changed. Now that I knew what was wrong with me, I prayed to be healed, and I prayed that the side effects from treatment would be minimal. I asked that God grant me the ability to serve Him for as long as I remained on this planet. That prayer and the prayers of 1,000’s of Christians around the world have been answered!

As I near the completion of six months of chemotherapy, my work for the Master continues. I work daily at the office laying out Voice of Truth International, writing articles, preparing lessons, maintaining address databases, helping Paula with the office accounting, processing Rushmore Evangelism accounts, packing book orders, etc. My only limitation is that I am not unloading tractor trailers loaded with books and moving heavy boxes.

The greatest obstacle to overcome is that I tire easily and frequently need to rest in the afternoon. Louis has been wonderful about helping (or doing) much of the household chores as I am too tired in the evenings. He also can read my body language and directs me to rest so that I do not overdo. He realizes how tired I am before I listen to my brain telling me to go rest.

A PET scan the middle of August showed no cancer! The oncologist is amazed at how well I am doing and continues to encourage me to live my normal life. I am not sure she fully understood what was normal for me when we first discussed my activities. As we meet with her each month, we discuss our busy schedule and she has not encouraged me to slow down, but to do what I feel I can handle. Unless something shows on the PET scan scheduled for the middle of November, she has released me to travel to Guyana, South America in February!

Yes, God answers prayer, and I believe I am living proof that sometimes God gives us what we want!!!

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  1. John Henson Says:

    I’m thankful for God’s blessings in your life and how he has used you as an example of the light! Keep getting better!

  2. Bonnie , we are so encouraged by the news you share. We pray for you and Louis each day as i know, so many others do. May God continue to watch over each of you as you serve Him.

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